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PDF format

Started by Manjula Perera
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PDF format


Is there any method to export in PDF format. 

Thank you in advance.....

Written by Manjula Perera 08/02/24 at 11:13:51 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...

Re:PDF format

You have chosen DataEase for Windows 5.x and before as your category.

If you are still using these versions the only way you can produce any PDF output is if you install a PDF printer and print directly to it.

In most modern Windows there is already a PDF printer installed but if not there is plenty of free ones out there.

Is one.

In LE9/DE9 PDF creation is built in and you can produce it both from the document or via ExecDQL and format it with HTML etc.

Written by DataEase 09/02/24 at 09:54:33 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...

Re:Re:PDF format

thx a  lot. still need the newest versipon ofLE9/DE9 & ready to be DataEase partner! glory to DataEase team!

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 12/02/24 at 12:11:59 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...