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Searching for a job opportunity

Started by George Cristian Jiglau
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Searching for a job opportunity

Hello, my name is George and I have been authorised directly by Ulrik Jacob Hoegh-Krohn to post this thread on the forum. 

I'm very experienced when it comes to developing in DataEase; I started working with the application since March 2013 when my former employer introduced me to it. Back then we were using the 7.2 version and in short time I learned to do everything that the application offers: building forms by adding fields, labels and buttons, writing the script of procedures, writing derivations and validation formulas into the fields, creating relationships between tables, etc. 

After 5 years of working in an office in Rome, my former employer decided to retire so I got hired directly by a big reinsurance company in Netherlands and started to work at home in full remote. My tasks were pretty much the same but as time went by I had to do new things such as writing records in Oracle Coda and SQL Server through an ODBC connection and by this time I was using the 8.5 version. I worked directly for this company until September 2023 when they decided to drop DataEase and pursue a new web application. 

Given my experience with DataEase I'm currently looking for a company that still focuses on the use and development of this program. If there's a suitable position I would be delighted to apply for a job. For more information you can contact me at this email address:

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Written by George Cristian Jiglau 22/03/24 at 14:47:40 Not product specific.

Re:Searching for a job opportunity

Great! Customers need new DataEase first, sorry...

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 23/03/24 at 12:26:29 Not product specific.