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application status





application status


Control Command


The application status command generates a report that displays the status of the Documents, defined Imports, Records, or Servers included in the current application.




When processing reaches an application status command, DataEase automatically locks the current application. It then runs a pre-defined system report describing the current state of the Documents, Imports, Records, or Servers in your application. Depending on which parameter you specify, the status report includes one or more of the following:

  • The name of each document.

  • The DOS filename and file size of each document.

  • The number of existing records in each table.

  • The number of deleted records in each table.

  • The name of each procedure.

  • The DOS filename and file size of each procedure.

  • The name of each import specification in the selected directory.

  • The DOS filename and file size of each import specification.

  • The name of each server linked to the current application and the name of the database(s) you access on each server.



 record entry "MEMBERS" . application status records .


This script tells DataEase: (1) Display the MEMBERS form so the user can enter or update member records, and (2) when the user closes the MEMBERS form, run the pre-defined system report that displays information about the number of existing and deleted Records stored in the application.

Note: If you specify the application status command without including any of the optional parameters listed above, DataEase runs the status report that displays the status of Records by default.

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