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How to edit RDRR file to connect lost files.

All of you will at some stage get the problem when you change a form/table that it crash and the file is "lost". 

it is never lost.

The data is still there in a Temp Form XXX table. The problem is that the change crashed in the mi...

Written by DataEase 10/09/20 at 13:33:54

"System error: Relationship limit 255 exceeded. " - Understanding Relationships in DataEase

In regular intervals we get support request in regards to this message and what you can do to increase the limit to OPEN relationships in DataEase.

If you are "lucky" you get this problem wi...

Written by DataEase 03/09/20 at 10:53:34

DE85- 100% control of the USER!

Download Sample

We got a request on the form about how to use Modal and switch between f...

Written by DataEase 19/08/20 at 14:32:40

DE8.5 - How to make generalised Language Version with ExecDQL and GetCurrent() etc.

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How to create language versions of documents has been discussed before.

How to acheive t...

Written by DataEase 09/06/20 at 18:50:01

How to print a barcode via HTML


In Principle you can use the same font in HTML.

Just need to set it on the tag.


Written by DataEase 06/04/20 at 15:17:00

New Sample - How to use Timer(Event) to schedule exiting DataEase

Download Sample!

Here we will show how you can use the new Timer(Event) to take down DataEase autom...

Written by DataEase 07/03/19 at 12:11:48 - 1 people have commented. The newsest comment is 685 days old.

How indexing can kill your app or make it snappy.

it is a common misunderstand that indexes make things faster. This is a truth with some major reservations.

Indexes are a necessity for speedy operation  but is...

Written by DataEase 04/02/19 at 12:29:38

Troubleshooting Network Slowness - SMB and Oplocks again

  • 1. Introduction

    The Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol is a network file sharing protocol, and as implemented in Microsoft Windows is known as Microsoft SMB Protocol. The set of message packets that defines a partic...

Written by DataEase 06/11/18 at 15:27:49

DataEase 8.5 sum-up !

Dear All DataEase 8.5 users.

It is a little over a year since we put the lid on DE8 development and moved on to DE9. This after doing continuous development on DE8 from pre-release to release of 8.0 on the 31 st of July 2013 and onward to the f...

Written by DataEase 17/09/18 at 15:08:41

DataEase 8.5 - How to create a subform that change style on scroll/value in row.

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The solution is to manipulate the entire Subform when there is a scroll.&nbs...

Written by DataEase 29/05/18 at 12:43:25