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call menu





call menu


Control Command


The call menu command opens the specified menu document.


call menu "MENU NAME" .


The call menu command is used to display a user-defined menu at any point during a Control Procedure.

When the menu is displayed, you can make selections from it and perform the associated DataEase operations normally.

When you close the menu by double-clicking its Control menu box (or by clicking on a custom button designed for this purpose), the Control Procedure resumes with the action following the call menu command.

User-defined menus are called by the name specified when the menu document was created. In a call menu command, the menu name must be enclosed in quotation marks unless it is specified as a variable.


 record entry "MEMBERS" .

 run procedure "PRINT INVOICES" .

 call menu "MAIN MENU" .

 backup db .


This script tells DataEase: (1) Display the MEMBERS form so the user can enter new records, when the user closes the MEMBERS form, (2) run the PRINT INVOICES Procedure, when the procedure finishes processing, (3) display the MAIN MENU document, and when the operator closes the menu, (4) backup the application.

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