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Installing DataEase 7.x on Citrix Server





 Installing DataEase 7.x on Citrix Server

MS 2003 Server;
Windows Server 2008 32-bit.

1. Install DataEase 7.x on Citrix Server (this effectively becomes multiple-workstations and should be treated as such);

2. Make sure ‘FILES=100’ is set in the’ \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CONFIG.NT’ file on the Citrix sever;

3. Alter/add the following registry settings as though you were dealing with a workstation;

The following are all of type DWORD:


  • UtilizeNTCaching=0




NOTE: If you are going to use load balancing across several CITRIX servers then points 1 to 3 need to be repeated on each CITRIX box.

4. Put the database in a separate directory on the server;

5. Create a named share to this database directory;

6. Create a CITRIX / MS User Group for the application;

Give the group:

  • a. READ & EXECUTE rights in the DataEase program directory on the CITRIX Box(s);

    b. MODIFY, READ & EXECUTE, READ, WRITE rights in the ‘Share’ that holds the Database directory.

7. Create all users for the application and add them to the group created above;

8. On the Database Server, alter/add the following Registry settings:

They are all of type DWORD.


  • CachedOpenLimit=0







Note: All servers need rebooting before the individual registry settings become active on that particular machine;

Tests to make sure that it is working correctly:

1. Login to a Citrix application session as more than one of the users in the group on separate machines;

2. Login to the Database.

  • a. Test record locking is working correctly in record entry. Enter / Modify / Delete.

    b. Test record caching is not occurring (server registry settings).

    c. Test a form/report that contains lots of relationships. (Files = 100).

3. Look in file RDRRxxxx.ssn of the application folder. This file should be storing the logged in users/machine names.


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