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How to create a QUICK Report





How to create a QUICK Report

You can create a report simply by using the Query By Model (QBM) which lets you retrieve data from several tables in one report. QBM also lets you specify selection criteria and sort order, determine how records are grouped, and create statistical fields:


1. Choose File>>New>>Report;
2. Choose a Style Sheet and the database table that will be the primary data source for the report;
3. Click on the Query (Query By Model) button in the New Document dialog;
4. When DataEase opens the Query By Model dialog, the primary database table is displayed. Double-click the columns to use as fields in the report document. Within the Query By Model dialog, you can add tables, select some or all columns from each table, select specific records, as well as group, sort, and summarize the report data;
5. After you choose the tables, columns, and statistics to display in the report, click OK. DataEase displays the Layout Options dialog;
6. Choose the Field and Record Layout that you require and click OK. DataEase automatically creates the report and displays the selected layout in a new window in Designer View;
7. To run the report and view the data, switch to User View. DataEase displays the Print dialog;
8. Choose Window as the destination and click OK. DataEase displays the report data according to the specification built using QBM.
Print the report on paper, by choosing Printer as the destination in the Print dialog instead of Window.


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