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HTML Text Formatting
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HTML Text Formatting

This text is bold

This text is italic

This is computer output

This is subscript and superscript
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HTML Formatting Tags

HTML uses tags like <b> and <i> for formatting output, like bold or italic text.

These HTML tags are called formatting tags (look at the bottom of this page for a complete reference).

RemarkOften <strong> renders as <b>, and <em> renders as <i>.

However, there is a difference in the meaning of these tags:

<b> or <i> defines bold or italic text only.

<strong> or <em> means that you want the text to be rendered in a way that the user understands as "important". Today, all major browsers render strong as bold and em as italics. However, if a browser one day wants to make a text highlighted with the strong feature, it might be cursive for example and not bold!


Try it Yourself - Examples

Text formatting
How to format text in an HTML document.

Preformatted text
How to control the line breaks and spaces with the pre tag.

"Computer output" tags
How different "computer output" tags will be displayed.

How to define contact information for the author/owner of an HTML document.

Abbreviations and acronyms
How to handle abbreviations and acronyms.

Text direction
How to change the text direction.

How to handle long and short quotations.

Deleted and inserted text
How to mark deleted and inserted text.

HTML Text Formatting Tags

<b>Defines bold text
<em>Defines emphasized text 
<i>Defines a part of text in an alternate voice or mood
<small>Defines smaller text
<strong>Defines important text
<sub>Defines subscripted text
<sup>Defines superscripted text
<ins>Defines inserted text
<del>Defines deleted text

HTML "Computer Output" Tags

<code>Defines computer code text
<kbd>Defines keyboard text 
<samp>Defines sample computer code
<var>Defines a variable
<pre>Defines preformatted text

HTML Citations, Quotations, and Definition Tags

<abbr>Defines an abbreviation or acronym
<address>Defines contact information for the author/owner of a document
<bdo>Defines the text direction
<blockquote>Defines a section that is quoted from another source
<q>Defines an inline (short) quotation
<cite>Defines the title of a work
<dfn>Defines a definition term





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