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DataEase = Evolutionary development

Have you ever questioned the way software came about?

Once upon a time software was developed because of a demand or need. Today software is developed in the same way corporate headquarters are designed. They start with the glamorous glass facades and then reverse engineer it down to elevators, office space and parking. The idea does not stem from a genuine need or idea - it is all about appearance.

We develop DG3 the way we tell you to develop your application. We use evolution. An interesting detail about DG3 is that it was to a large extent developed in, you guessed right, DG3 itself. When we started on the daunting task of developing a completely new DataEase, we set ourselves a goal - to take the lead in advanced RAD development on the web. That was the easy part but we then had to break it down into a viable way forward: 1. We don't have a clue of what that means. 2. We are not Microsoft, we are not even IBM. a. Come to think of it, we are not even DataEase. 3. We have a solid hunch but ask about detail and it gets vague. Ok, now we only get a headache thinking of the final goal. Let's just start with the easy bits and then the rest will hopefully become clear as we go along. It doesn't sound like much of a plan, but as long as you are honest with yourself, stop when you need to, revisit your convictions and challenge them, are not shy about admitting when you are wrong, and even plan on being wrong, there is no faster way to reach your goal. This has been the essence of successful DataEase development for 4 decades and we are now not talking of developing the product itself - but of course that too. The DataEase product development only went wrong when we became a professional software company that was supposed to know what we were doing, to understand the reason for our success in order to replicate it when at the same time increasing shareholder values. It went wrong when we knew how our next version would look like, and how it would work even before anyone had written a single line of code. Nobody is so wise that they know the answer before the question is even asked. The best way forward is the road of trial and error of trying again and hopefully finally getting it right. It is the new DataEase way.

Published: 21/10/11 - 10:03:02 (Ulrik Jacob H√łegh - Krohn)

Last changed: 21/12/11 - 12:22:21 (Katia Robinson)

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DataEase = Evolutionary development