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We use our own product but don't they all!?

Spying is of course a big part of product development. You cannot commit large amounts of money and resources without finding out what your competition is doing. We call it "research".

When we took over DataEase one of the most peculiar observations we made was that we weren't using DataEase ourselves. Not for bookkeeping, not for invoicing, not for running our website. Even for registering customer surveys we used Excel.

Truth be told, we did use DataEase for one thing and that was to issue new license numbers for, you guessed it right, DataEase. But even this was only because the function that calculated license numbers was a CDF. Our thought was that how does a company expect anyone to use their product if they cannot find any use for it themselves? We are all "old" DataEase users from the DFD era and our vague memories were that DataEase was a 'jack of all trades'. Obviously this was no longer the case... We solemnly made a promise to ourselves - and now to you - that every computer system we are going to implement and use in our business is going to be made in DataEase. If you see a web page published, receive an invoice, or get an invitation to an event, rest assured that it will have been produced in DataEase and that your reply, your payment, your license number or you comment will always be stored and processed by a DataEase application. We lead from the front and we will never ask you to do something we are not prepared to do ourselves. This is our solemn promise.

Published: 21/10/11 - 10:03:02 (Ulrik Jacob H√łegh - Krohn)

Last changed: 10/02/12 - 11:11:14 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn)

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We use our own product but don't they all!?