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7.5 is all about NEW functionality, so please help us!

Below you will find some of the improvements we are currently doing in DataEase 7.5 to make it the best DataEase for Windows ever. In some people's opinion, that wouldn't take much, but we have a loyal user base out there that deserves the final version to be as good as we can possibly make it.

In 7.5 we have come to terms with the fact that DFW will never be a bug free product, so the focus now is to implement functionality that makes it easier to use and that will enable our loyal user base to make better applications.

Our focus is on doing small changes that will provide a big impact - i.e. we are not doing brain surgery in 7.5 and therefore will not be doing any structural changes - that has already been done in our new version, DG3.

In our experience the biggest problem with DFW is the lack of flow and it's stiff legs, so if you have some small stuff that really annoy you and that you always wanted us to iron out, this is the time to come forward and tell us.

We will set up a feedback form for this, but as we have rather much to do at the moment, we would appreciate it if you could forward your suggestions to and mark it 7.5 Improvements.

What is new in 7.5 Final

Viritualisation of printers for application. Printer 1-4. Allocate physical printers for each app/user.

Memo is updatet to a RichText control, which will allow you to store formated text and edit it directly in the control.

We have re-invented the "old" Memo as SpanFields. You can now span 2 or more textfields in one control.

Memo can now also be "viritual". Doesn't sound like much, but it is a revolution. Just try yourself!

MemoClass function library has been developed so you can fully manipulate the Memo fields, including functions like MemoAppend, MemoSearch, MemoInsert and several more.

Functionality like Global Variables, Memory Arrays, FileFind functions and more has been included.

New Application Creation is now from Application Templates, to allow for further customization of application distribution.

New Exciting look in line with the next range of, DG3 of DataEase products.

Full web cababillity through the new exciting DG3 Web Framework.

Several new functions to make it easier for you: SetValue - To set a value in a designated field without using OML. StringFind, StringReplace etc to make it easier to search horizontally in data, and a lot more.

Published: 01/11/11 - 10:03:02 (Ulrik Jacob H√łegh - Krohn)

Last changed: 21/12/11 - 12:10:14 (Katia Robinson)

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7.5 is all about NEW functionality, so please help us!