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DataEase 6.52 - Product description

DataEase is an innovative program that combines the organizational power of the DataEase
relational database management system with the popular and easy-to-use graphical user
interface of Microsoft Windows. This unique combination of native relational database power,
instant SQL connectivity, and point-and-click desktop application development makes
DataEase the premier tool for building sophisticated business applications.

Visual Database Applications

DataEase is a visual database manager that integrates any kind of graphical information (photos, line drawings, scanned images, etc.) with the text and numerical information normally found in a business database. DataEase lets you include pictures of people, places, and objects in a fully relational database application. This feature makes DataEase an ideal tool for managing all kinds of visually-oriented data, such as art and advertising comps, DataEase 6.5, more than all its predecessors, is designed for open connectivity. Firstly, it introduces support for OLE DB, which allows other software packages to access data held in DataEase applications – and equally allows DataEase applications to access data held in other packages. Native DataEase data is no longer closed – it’s open to any OLE DB aware software. Secondly, it introduces WebPublisher 2, software which makes it perfectly straightforward to web publish part or all of your application, so that it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. All they need is a web browser. These, and other improvements in 6.5, are described below. · OLE DB Provider and Consumer software, allowing DataEase to both provide and obtain data from OLE DB compliant software. OLE DB is far more versatile than ODBC. · Updated WebPublisher 2 software, which automates the task of making your existing applications available over the web. · OML Enhancements, including Alias, New Toolbar Icons, Enter Key & Button Focus, Bold Pick Lists, Optional Object Names and New Event Parameters · Pre-Loading of CDFS via an .ini file for faster and more convenient access. No more manual CDF registration, or delays while a document loads a CDF. · You can now choose to print any scripts that are on a document when you print the document definition. · Lookup Choice Fields have been changed so that the derivation button is not disabled · Ability to create a new directory from the New Application Dialog. · You can now use the 3DlistBox Visual Control for lookup choice fields. · You can now use Routines defined in DQL scripts by means of a procedure keyword. · New "Address of" operator. · Ability to save and reload Export definition. DataEase International Ltd.

Published: 01/09/11 - 10:03:02 (Ulrik Jacob Høegh - Krohn)

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DataEase 6.52 - Product description