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How to setup DataEase 6.52 in a multiuser environment

1)Install DataEase 6.52 on the workstation. During installation (keep default settings specified by the installation wizard process), you will be prompted to specify the locking strategy. Ensure this is set to FULL;

2) Next, map a network drive (e.g. F:\) on your server and copy files “C:\De652\DeNetwrk.ovl” and “C:\De652\Configur.dat” to a folder on this mapped drive (e.g. F:\DeSys); N.B. you only need to do this for the FIRST workstation you install DataEase 6.52 on; 3) Rename “C:\De652\DeNetwrk.ovl” to “C:\De652\DeNetwrk.OLD” and “C:\De652\Configur.dat” to “C:\De652\Configur.OLD”; 4) You will then need to create TWO SYSTEM environment system variables (right-click the [My Computer] icon on your desktop, select [Properties] from the pop-up menu, then the [Advanced] tab and finally click the [Environment Variables] button); In the SYSTEM VARIABLES part of the screen, create the TWO variables as follows: Variable name = Dename Variable value = Variable name = Depath Variable value = ; 5) Install DataEase De6.52 on the remaining workstations, following steps: 1, 3 & 4 (ignore 2, as this only applies to the FIRST workstation)

Published: 15/12/05 - 10:03:03 (Ulrik Jacob Høegh - Krohn)

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How to setup DataEase 6.52 in a multiuser environment