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Exporting data to EXCEL in DFD 5.16

You can export data stored in DataEase to CSV file that could then be imported into Microsoft EXCEL.

In order to do that follow these steps (if you are using a different version of Dataease for DOS, the same instructions will vary slightly) :

1- Open your DataEase application; 2- Login with a high level user name and password; 3- Select menu option 4 (DQL Advanced Processing); 4- Select menu option 2 (Start New Procedure); 5- Select menu option 4 (Define Query); 6- Type in the following code replacing the word “table name” with the name of the table you want to export from; apply the same principle for the table’s fields for ; list records Field1 ; Field2 ; Field3 ; Field4 ; Field5 . 7- Press to compile the procedure; 8- Select menu option 5 (Define Format); 9- Select menu option 7 (Export) when prompted to specify the type of procedure format; 10- Select menu option 6 (Variable length) when prompted to specify the export format; 11- Enter the tilde symbol ( ~ ) as the delimiter for the “Field Separator character”; 12- Select menu option 2 (Yes) to “Include Field Names” in the format; 13- Press to compile and return to the procedure menu window; 14- Select menu option 6 (Define Print Style) and set the report destination to “Disk”; 15- In the Disk Output, filename: type in the location and filename to where you want the file exported to e.g: c:\expodata\export.csv; N.B. DataEase only allows for a filename to be 8 characters in length (not including the file extension); 16- Press to compile the window and return to the procedure menu window; 17- Select menu option 7 (Save Procedure), to save the procedure; 18- Enter the procedure name in the space provided. Finally, run the procedure and check the folder for the exported file.You can then open this CSV file in EXCEL.

Published: 15/12/04 - 10:03:03 (Ulrik Jacob Høegh - Krohn)

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Exporting data to EXCEL in DFD 5.16