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The DataEase business have two distinctive sides. One is our business -the tool itself, and one is the Applications that are made it our tool.

Most customers do not want to develop a solution from "scratch", but want to buy either a readymade solution, or something that they can start with and then mould into their own solution as time passes.

Our goal for the "new" DataEase is to make it as an attractive product offering as possible for as customers as well as developers and partners.

We have gotten a lot of request from publishers of DataEase solutions, if we could help them promote their applications to the DataEase user community. We have so far been reluctant to do so, since we want to treat everyone the same when at the same time it takes a lot of resources on our part to "approve" applications etc. On the other hand, we believe in a free working market so we have decided that we will offer the DataEase community to advertise on our website. In the beginning we will only allow 5 large front page advertisers, and 5 small top adds. They are both £100 a week, and there is a one week minimum. The large front page add, rotates through the different advertisers when the small top adds, will pick a new advertiser for each page that is opened. There is no other qualification for advertising than the product being DataEase community relevant. We will not conduct any censorship of your add, so if you want to advertise a competing product that is relevant to our users, we will not stop you. We will sell this add space on a first come first served basis. The front page add is 750x189 pixels, and the top add is 650x90 pixels. If you are interested, send us an email on, or call us on +44 (0) 203 28 666 28.

Published: 21/12/11 - 13:39:06 (Amanda Higgins)

Last changed: 10/01/12 - 16:25:31 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh-Krohn)

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Do you want to advertise on our site?