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Social Media - Our new way of sharing news!

You might love it, you might hate it, you might be addicted to it. The only thing you cannot do about it, is to ignore it.

In the "new" DataEase we have decided that we will not re-invent the wheel. If it is already there we will simply use it, and this also goes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

There is more than enough for us to do, so we will use primarily Facebook (for now) to keep you updated with news, changes, tips, tricks and updates. Email as a way of communication is as good as dead. Most people no longer accept emails from anyone that they don't already know, simply because email is way to "polluted" with "small blue pills". It is not our job to "terrorise" you every time there is a small updated on our page in case this might be interesting to you, so we have so far created a Facebook page for each of our Product Lines, and one for DataEase in general. We will publish relevant changes on each of them, and you are free to sign up to the ones you are interested and ignore the rest.

Published: 04/01/12 - 17:54:32 (Amanda Higgins)

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Social Media - Our new way of sharing news!