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No response from us?

Have you applied to our pre-launch program, partner program or just wanted more information and heard absolutely nothing?

If this is the case we are really, really sorry. Rest assured that it is not because we don't want to talk to you, we really do!

It is early days in the DG3 world, and with frequent updates etc, we managed to mess up and loose some applications. Not many, but one is one to many.

If this applies to you, help us help you by re-applying or simply mail us at with a contact phone number and we will get back to you ASAP.

Again, our most sincere apologies to those affected :-)

Published: 09/01/12 - 18:27:34 (Amanda Higgins)

Last changed: 09/01/12 - 18:32:12 (Katia Robinson)

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No response from us?