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LegEasy 6 Windows Networking/Multi-user/-session

6.53 is a recompiled version of 6.52 that is prepared to run with Windows 7 x86 and x64.

It has not been improved or bug fixed in any functional way to retain 100% comaptibillity with DataEase for Windows 6.52. On the other hand, we have made it look contemporary with a "livery" borrowed from the latest DataEase for windows and inspired by DataEase Generation 3.
Multi User and Multi Session setup in Legacy versions of DataEease is and was never as simple as it should have been. We have to admit that it was very tempting to "sort" this out in 6.53, but in the end we kept to the scope and left it as it is.

In 6.52 you have to re-install the software to change the Network Setting, but if you choose anything but "None" on locking model, 6.52 will not work until you have configured the network setting manually.

In our mind, this is not a good way of starting off so we ALWAYS install 6.53 with Single User settings, and then you can set up and change the Locking model yourself manually later. In the Program catalogue of 6.53 you will find a catalog called NetworkAndLocking. In this catalogue you will find 4 catalogue named after thir locking model. In each you will find the correct CONFIGUR.DAT for this locking model. The only thing you have to do to set or change your locking model, is to copy the correct CONFIGUR.DAT to the Shared catalogue you need to run 6.53 in a multi user/multi session environmen.

NB! Remember to delete the configur.dat in the DataEase program catalogue (ex, c:\dataease65.local) if not it will take precedence and stop you networking setup from working.

The shared catalogue.

If you want to run 6.53 as multi session with locking, create a new catalogue on the root of your C:\ drive called ex. C:\653locking, copy denetwrk.ovl from the 653 program catalogue, and the configur.dat with the correct locking model setting from the NetworkAndLocking catalogue. Make sure that you also copy it to the program catalogue, as the one in the shared catalogue and in the program catalogue need to be the same. (You can also delete configur.dat in the program catalogue) If you want to run multi session, you will need each session to have an unique DENAME. So make a bat file for each session, and start if from a shortcut. The bat files should atleast contain the belowe: SET DENAME=Something UniqueForEachSession SET DEPATH=C:\SharedCatalogue ex. C:\652locking C:\DataEase65.local\dataease.exe If you want to run the application in a multiuser environement, you will need to put the Shared catalogue on a shared Network Drive together with the Shared application. You will still need a unique DENAME for each user and each session.

Multi Session

If you want to run more than one 6.53 at against the same database on a Local Computer, you need to set SharedLocalDatabase=Yes in the [Locking] section of PRISM.INI found in the DataEase program catalogue. You can alternatively map a local drive as a network drive and access the application via this drive. © London, 4th Febrary 2012, 4ThePeople Limited. All rights reserved.

Published: 12/05/12 - 15:39:41 (Amanda Higgins)

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LegEasy 6 Windows Networking/Multi-user/-session