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New server? Settings to check on 2003 and 2008.

With new versions of operating/server operating systems, there is always new challenges. We have currently tested DataEase on 2008R2. This work also brought light on problems that has been with earlier versions of Windows server, so please find below a re-publishing of an article written about registry settings in 2003 server.

Setting to check for the DataEase system

1 . Can you check to see if the disk device hosting the folder with the DataEase database files has any write caching enabled? If it does; can this be tumed off so dataease files are aways wdtten direct to the disk? 2. Can the following registry settings on the server(machine holding the database) be checked and set as shown below? They should be added if they are not there. In the registry key HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\System\CunentcontroSet\Services\LanManSewer\Parameters CachedopenLimit = 0 EnableOplocks:0 OpLocksDisabled = 1 UtilizeNTCaching : 0 UseUnlockBehind : 0 UseopportunisticLocking = 0 UseLockReadunlock : 0 On the workstation(s) HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\System\CurrentcontrolSet\Services\LanManWorkstation \Parameters UtilizeNTcaching = 0 UseUnlockBehind : 0 UseopportunisticLocking = 0 UseLockReadunlock = 0 If the machine that is being used as a database seruer is an XP machine(in other words a peer-to-peer network then the line in the Prism.ini that refers to sharelocaldatabase needs to be set to yes. This is not the case on a proper application server like MS 2003 or MS 2000.

Published: 05/06/12 - 07:33:31 (Amanda Higgins)

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New server? Settings to check on 2003 and 2008.