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DataEase 8 GROUP and GROUP+1 are here!

DataEase is undergoing a complete transition from a lonely "wolf" to a team player. For a very long time, only one version of DataEase has been available - the full developer version. This has now changed!

You will see that DataEase will separate clearer and clearer between development tools and runtime/deployment tools.

We obviously need to start at the beginning, so our focus over the last 18 months (The DataEase for Windows team) has been on enhancing and moving the DFW development platform forward. We are beginning to see the end of the current stage of that, so we are now branching out into support/runtime/deployment/maintenance and data transport.


Group is what we in old money would have known as EXEC, but we have renamed it group because it will basically get a more and more flexible and dynamic role in the DataEase deployment environment. Traditionally an EXEC was only a full network version with the design tool disabled. In the current version, this is very much the same story but not for long. As things progress we will bundle GROUP with PUMP, which will enable the user to be located anywhere in the world and synchronise is data and application with the "mother". Needless to say, GROUP licenses will be much cheaper than the traditional FULL license so the affordability of DataEase will increase with the usability. Standard GROUP is just the runtime environment to run any number of pre-developed DataEase 8 applications.


This is the Start-Pack version of DataEase 8. If you are not a group of Developers, you don't need a lot of full versions of DataEase 8. If you are one developer that develop for a group of users, this is the version for you. You will get one full DataEase 8 Development License and 4 or 9 Group Licenses. If you need more than that, simply add standard GROUP licenses to the number you want.

Published: 23/01/13 - 23:32:40 (Amanda Higgins)

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DataEase 8 GROUP and GROUP+1 are here!