Simplicty and flexibility!

Some times small steps, some times big leaps...

Making a contemporary DataEase for Windows is not done in a day, but as the days pass we get closer and closer.

One of the biggest problems with DataEase for Windows has been that the small things have been ignored. The small niggling bits that annoy you every time you find them. The goal with DataEase 8 is not simply to make "just another upgrade", it is to make a DataEase that you will love to work with again.

We will announce a big update/leap forward later today, but for now you will have to settle for a small one: Mouse wheel now works as it should to scroll up and down in DataEase forms.

Next MouseWheel step is to make it work like this inside Memo/WebField too.

Available in DataEase 8 from build 18/03/2013

Published: 21/04/13 - 14:00:00 (UHK)

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Some times small steps, some times big leaps...