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It has been a while since we released the then code named 7.5 to show that DataEase for Windows was still moving forward. It has since got its rightful name - DataEase 8 - but it is still in heavy development towards its full release later this year.

It is no secret that previous DataEase for Windows versions have not lived up to expectations, so we have held back and concentrated on making this one a pleasant surprise. It has now been on general pre-release for more than 6 months, and several developers and clients have been testing/using and deploying applications with it for close to a year, so we now feel that we can lift the curtain and give you all a little glimpse into what we are doing.

The only thing you need to do to get a preview of it is to register on our website and log in, if you have already signed up you simply need to log in and the license key will be visible under here.

We are sorry but this Trial key is now expired!


When you have got the license key, simply go to Downloads and download the latest DataEase 8.

The latest on 23.05.13 is  DataEase but please DO check our download area as this move forward all the time.

We are working very hard to include all the new features/functions and functionality that will make up the finished product so bear with us that it is not yet properly packaged. 

We have not included any new samples applications in the distribution, but we have published several "solution" apps for customers/partners which will give you a little insight into what DataEase 8 can do.
PlaceHolders is a new feature in DataEase 8
There is loads of big news from more than 50 new functions, complete new function classes like MemoClass and SetClass, interpretive DQL that can be called from anywhere in DataEase 8 (ExecDQLClass), RT/HTMLEditor object, WebField's etc. 

It is way too much to include in this short announcement, but if you browse our website and in particular read our DataEase 8 Blog.

We are currently developing the documentation and help for DataEase 8 but it is far from finished, but you can get a gist of what it will be like on our Help resource pages, just hover over the Help in main menu and you will get a pulldown with the options. You will find 7.2 help for reference as well as documentation of some of the new functions in the Lexicon.

How to get started

In the Pre-release version we have included a lot of samples in the Default Template. Simply download DataEase 8 and install it and then create a new Application from the Default template (it is default so should be easy).

When you open the app you will see that in the catalogue you now have a "mini" website with the DataEase 8 Blog/Help/Forum/Lexicon etc.

In the form part you will see samples and system forms that has been included in this template. You will see samples on how to email, webfield, HTMLedit, Memo manipulations, document creation etc. Still very rudimentary but it will give you an idea.

Sample/template apps will be a big part of DataEase 8 Release, but for now you will have to settle for a few tasters.

This sample showcase the exciting new ExecDQLClass/HTMLEdit and MemoClass (as well as SetValue(), SetColor() and several of the SetClass functions) 

It is a demo app so the fact that each template has it's own userface DQL is just part of the showcasing.

You will find download and instructions here

Remember, this is just a taster so don't expect everything to be as it should or work as it should/will. We are still adding functionality and the entire product will get a new GUI workover and all the "snags" ironed out before full release.

But, there is no reason for you to not start developing your applications in 8 if you want to. Our development is "non interference" which has proved very successful since we started on 8. We don't change how things work after it is committed so any function that has been released will work the way it is implemented "for ever", so the only change that will happen is that the product can do more and more, so you can keep on improving your applications as we improve DataEase 8.

Web, one of the nicest things with DataEase 8 is that it is 100% backend compatible with DG3 so the moment you have a working DataEase 8 system you can start on developing a DG3 Web Portal that gives you and your customers/partners access from anywhere at anytime. You can use for remote working, or you can use it for a Web shop, CMS etc. This web where you are reading this, is a Web Portal on our CRM/CMS system made in DataEase 8.

Soon, DataEase 8 as you see is part of an ever growing product family now and soon it will be joined by some brothers and sisters. DataEase 8 Reporter is a new reporting tool that will enable you to create Reports/DQL's DFD style but with a modern twist i.e. full RT functionality with formatting, graphs, charts, images, fonts, colours. One of the problems with DFW technology has been distribution and maintenance of apps, no more! DataEase 8 Distributor allow you to seamlessly distribute and maintain your applications remotely. Some of you might remember Developer from DFD times, but this is not the same. This is a modern distribution system that will analyse any version of a distributed app, find the differences, prepare a distribution package, distribute and update the remote installation to the latest version. To good to be true? This website is maintained by this technology and it resides somewhere in a US desert (Arizona or was it New Mexico? Who cares!).

Working distributed, another big problem with DFW has been that it has been a file based database that works poorly over the internet/thin lines. If you build a DG3 Portal - problem solved, but should you have to do that? We don't think so and that is why we are currently developing DataEase 8 Pump which is simply a DataEase 8 Replication service. The need to maintain databases in more than one location is felt both in the professional Web world as well as for home workers, and DataEase 8 Pump solves both these needs. You work on your local copy of the application and DataEase 8 make sure that it is updated with and from the Master database as frequently as you want/need. The replication can be triggered on time (every 5 minutes, half hour, daily) or by change (client) i.e every time the remote user has changed data.

This is all just a sneak preview of what to come, but if you like we want you on board as soon as possible. The new DataEase focus on develop the product(s) and the technology and leave the rest to the customers/partners. We will work hard to support both, and for them to support each other. One of the new features we will put on the DataEase 8 Release website (this is not it), is a Application Store, Project Bidding and Negotiation Service, and Partner Finder. 

So if you have a good idea and you develop a brilliant little or small application, we will help you get customers.

So don't hold back, get started today!

Published: 07/06/13 - 11:24:49 (DataEase Development)

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