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Congratulations to Flora United on their new B2B DG3 Webshop.

Flora United have now for some time been testing their new B2B webshop developed 100% in DG3 and they are now ready to share it with their customers as an alternative venue for doing business with them.

This system has been developed by Spier-IT and Technisch Handelsbureau L. Rodenhuis in collaboration with our development team.

As you can tell, this is a proper state of the art Web system, built 100% with the latest Web and DataEase technology. Our goal with DG3 is to make advanced web development "dataeasy", so it is with great joy we present this new addition to our DG3 family.

The Flora Webshop is built on top of a DataEase 8 system for back off transactions. The system share stock, purchasing and invoicing with the backend system, so Flora can seamlessly sell their product the traditional way or via the web.

Most of our competitors deliver some version of Web access/enabling of their applications, like DataEase did with Webpubliser, but rest assured DG3 is not like that.

DG3 is not only web, it is basically the new platform for all future versions of DataEase. We simply started with web as that was where the most pressing need presented itself, and where DataEase had a lot to prove.

 When we started on DG3 we decided that we would take a fresh leaf out of the DataEase book and started from scratch. We made some simple rules, and that was that it should be: 1) Proper Web, no plugins, downloads or stuff installed on the end user computer. 2) Proper DataEase, i.e. you can change your database and logic as much as you like, and the changes would transmute and be transparent. 3) There should be no limits or rules - do what you want how you want it. 4) It should work - this is not as obvious as one thinks. Working is that it need to be robust, fast, flexible and redundant. 

We decided that DG3 should work from "day 1" i.e. that the moment we had something that could do something, we would start using it in "harms way" to acid test it and to insure that it actually worked. We have now used DG3 in project for more than 2 years, and it really does work.  One of the reasons that it actually is working and is being used in live systems, is that we decided to share the Database with our new windows version, DataEase 8.

This has been a marriage "made in heaven" as both products have grown on the back of each other. Ideas and solutions that our DG3 team discovered has brushed off on the DE8 side, and all the improvements in DE8 is instantly applicable in DG3, and the people that have used DataEase 8 know that that is quite a lot ;-)

Shopping CartDataEase has done a couple of big mistakes over the years, and the biggest ones is every time we have demanded of our users that they have to migrate their applications to take advantage of our new technology and features. One of the "ancient" strengths of DataEase is that it is evolutionary. If you see something wrong, or if you need to improve a part of your system, you simply do it. LIVE!

We identified this as one of the big mistakes and we made sure that this would not befall DataEase 8 or DG3. To move from DataEase 7.x to DataEase 8.x you simply answer yes to one question the first time you open it in DE8, and the moment an app is converted to DE8 you can share all the business logic with DG3 and achieve what Flora United have achieved with their new system: Common DataEase data shared between a spearheaded Web portal and the trusted every day backend functionality of a well proven DE8 system.

What we offer is not revolution, but evolution!

"If anything of what you have read above have affected you in any way, please contact us or one of our many partners to discuss how you can get started with developing your own DG3 Web portal on top of your existing DataEase system TODAY!"

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Published: 25/06/13 - 12:09:58 (Amanda Higgins)

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Congratulations to Flora United on their new B2B DG3 Webshop.