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SetStyle() - One of the forgotten Treasures of 8.x

DataEase 8 is not a Alpha or Beta product it is a full release, but it is in what we call Pre-Release or Developer Release version. This means that it is fully approved and warranted by us, but it is not the final version of this product.

Due to the "neglect" that DataEase had suffered under prior to the change of ownership, it was necessary to both look after current customers need when at the same time developing DataEase into a contemporary product offering.

It was clear from Day one that DataEase 7.x suffered from so many maladies that it was necessary to quickly come up with an improved release version hence the Pre-Release version of DE8.

When deciding the path forward we decided that we would include our users in the development process and make available any new feature in DE8 as soon as it was developed with the understanding and knowledge that it would not be used by the majority. Every bit of new functionality is part of the bigger picture or plan if you like and at the end of the development cycle we will focus on showcasing the entire product as one.

In a way we have simply developed the functionality, tested it (and used it in house) but not always spent much time in promoting or showcasing it. As sensible as this might be as an approach there should at least be a minimum of "marketing" and fanfare for each new function, but some it seems we have completely neglected to almost even mention.

For-most of these are SetStyle() which is an abomination as it might possibly be the most useful function for manipulating and making your applications interactive and attractive.

So better late than never, here it is: SetStyle()

We could have deve

Published: 13/09/14 - 09:51:09 (Amanda Higgins)

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SetStyle() - One of the forgotten Treasures of 8.x