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How to upgrade from Trial to Full (DE8 Developer)

We have seen a dramatic increase of customers converting from DE8 Trial to Full over the last couple of weeks and we can only interpret that as we are starting to get things right, so Thank YOU! to all of you.

However we see that a lot of you are not sure how to proceed after you get the full license key so please find the instructions below.

Firstly. The Trial version is a fully functional version of DE8 so you don't need to change the key until it runs out. You work/applications will in no way be affected by the fact that you run a Trial version so when the Trial run out you can simply upgrade to a Full key (at any time) and continue your work.

Your current license has expired

When the trial expire you will automatically get the Change Key dialogue and a web page will open in your default browser 

You can login and purchase a full version at this stage and simply insert the Full license Key into the dialogue, restart DataEase 8 and you are good to go.

Your current license has not expired.

You might want to change your license immediately upon upgrading or you want to change your license key for any other reason.

The procedure is more or less the same, you simply need to trigger the ChangeKey dialogue. As this is a Core function in DE8 you will need to do this when an application is not loaded in DataEase 8.

  1. 1. Start DataEase 8.
  2. 2. When you get the Welcome screen simply hit the ESC button to close it.
  3. 3. You will now have access to the DataEase File menu.
  4. 4. Simply choose Help/Change Key... and you will be able to proceed as above.

PS! You will also find changekey.exe in the DataEase 8 catalogue and you can start the process directly from there. Just make sure that DataEase is not running as you will not be able to change the key if it is.

Published: 02/10/14 - 10:14:51 (Amanda Higgins)

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How to upgrade from Trial to Full (DE8 Developer)