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Running DataEase 8.2 on iPad, iPhone and Android (and Mac)

DataEase 8 is leaping forward and more and more of you develop new and exciting applications in it. However there is one limitation that DE8 still have and that is that it is Windows based and to build a DG3 interface is not an opportunity for most of you in the short term.

Some of you have tried viritualisation etc. over the years but due to high license cost, awkward implementation and difficult user interfaces it has never been very popular.

This is about to change with Parallels Access.

DatEase 8 is the most exciting development environment DataEase has ever released. Finally you have the opportunity not only to make applications quick (and dirty) but you can also do all the things you want to do. 

With ExecDQLClass, SetClass, MemoClass, WebClass, RichtTextEdit etc, you can build an advanced contemporary application quickly and you can also evolve it as your needs change and evolve.

The only problem is that you will be addicted to it and want to access it from everywhere.

We know that a lot of you want to use DG3 and think of it as the next DataEase that will solve all your problems, but DG3 will be released (is being released) as small bits of improvements all the time.

Life, problems and opportunities are what happens when we wait for stuff. As a company we can't wait for the next DataEase, we need to work with and succeed with the current DataEase, and as a DataEase so do you.

There is no reason to lean back, fold your hands and wait for the next DataEase. If there  is one thing DataEase has proved, it is that you get value for money and the evidence that people are running applications that started their life 30 years ago today both on the web and in their multi location business should be evidence enough that it doesn't pay to wait but to act and get moving.

Don't look for the ultimate solution but the ultimate solution today.

Developing and Running a DE8 application locally and via Parallels Access is way better than developing the same solution in any other tool or waiting for DG3, WebEasy, Reporter etc.

DataEase has always been about evolution rather than revolution, so DG3 is what is going to happen when you are using DE8, exploring al lthe exiting stuff that is new in DE8 and all the new modules and elements we will add to it over the next months and years.

Parallels in a great way of fully exploiting this opportunity.

Parallels Access

Access your desktop remotely from your mobile devices

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  • Best remote access to your PC or Mac
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Published: 09/10/14 - 09:39:09 (Amanda Higgins)

Last changed: 05/08/15 - 15:10:00 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn)

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Running DataEase 8.2 on iPad, iPhone and Android (and Mac)