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DataEase 8.x File Names

DataEase 8.x produce a number of different files when you develop your application. Below you will find an index of these files and what they do.


This is the storage container for all the Memo fields of a given table. There is not one file pr. memo fields but a common container. This file can grow very big. It will share the file name with the TDF and DBM files.

Backup of a .BIN file i.e. Memo storage class. 

Image pasted into a DataEase form from the clipboard.

Configuration file for applications. Currently two different versions that can be found in a DataEase application 
Startup.ini -- Control the automatic launch of the application.
RDRRxAAA.INI  -- Configuration of the application. Settings here will override settings in DataEase.ini

DataEase Import File. Store of an Import definition.

DataEase Export File. Store of an export definition.

DataEase Data File. This is where structured data in a table is stored.

Temporary storage of FRM file.

Form Definition File. This is where the design and form specific programming (OML etc) is stored.

This can be both temporary files to assist Advanced Memo and HTML Edit and export files from the app. 

IXX (I01, I0A,I1F etc) *
Index file. Will have same name as Table to which it belong.

Locking support files. Used by DataEase to control multi user activity.

Looking support file.

Style storage file. Contain all styled features for all objects i.e Default, Xp, etc.

DataEase System file.

Table Definition File. Here the definition of a table is stored including derivations and restrictions.

Export or log files.

* These files will be excluded by the Deployment Server. They can be included on a file to file basis.

Published: 23/05/15 - 11:39:01 (Amanda Higgins)

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DataEase 8.x File Names