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Please, tell us the difference between 6.52 and 8.5...

We got this question yesterday and it kind of "threw" us..

Obviously such comparisons will be part of our published material, but at the moment we have been to pre-occupied with finishing DataEase 8.5 so we haven't even given it a thought.

But we duly had a look and even we were surprised with how much this product has progressed.

Some dates:

1st October 2004DataEase 6.52This was the ultimate version of DataEase 6.x and included the new Lookup Field and expanded Status tables, bug fixing and better OML support.
June 2006DataEase 7.0Big launch of the "all new" DataEase 7. Big structural changes and a lot of experimental functionality that had been requested by the community. Flopped due to poor quality and to little testing.
5th October 2006Work on Patch 1 startedIt was already clear that 7.0 was a flop so the work on the next increment was started. Actions were taken to improve quality and development control. New Source Control system so this was Revsion 1 in the modern  system.
19tj November 2007DataEase 7.1 Final version of Patch 1 i.e. 7.1. A lot of bug fixing and improvements from 7.0 but another flop as it was still too buggy and migration from previous versions of DataEase didn't work.

The final build was 290.

29th June 2009DataEase 7.2
First version released by the new team. A lot of improvements both to the look and feel as well as performance and a lot of bug fixing.
first 7.2 was build 646.
21st July
DataEase 7.2.3Final version of DataEase 7.2. A lot of improvements and bug fixing later the need for fresh thinking and a fresh approach was overdue. Sapphire left DataEase and the new team had full control.

This was version 947 and the last published by Sapphire/DataEase Int. (Work done by new team).
31st July 2013DataEase 8.0 400 revisions later and DataEase 8.0 is here. The first modern DataEase for Windows with HTML field, RichText editor. Wast performance improvement etc. 

Build: 1353 
3rd October 2013DataEase 8.0 Final version of DataEase 8.0 + ExecDQL, Extended Memoclass and SetClass.

Build 1375
21st March
DataEase 8.1First release of 8.1. Re-implementation of functionality removed in 7.0 so 8.1 will again be compatible with 5.x and 6.x. Migration tool improved.

Build: 1431
8th October 2014DataEase 8.2First Release of 8.2.  This was a slightly regressive version where the focus was on improving old DFD functionality as Traditional DQL and QBM. Expansion of existing functionality like Memo, ExecDQL and SetClass. GetCurrent improved.
Build 1660
28th November 2014Final 8.2We finished the DE8.2 development with the "ultimate" verrsion of DataEase for Windows.  The focus now would move to making the next modern DataEase.

Build 1700. 
24th November
Beta 8.5.1The 8.5 work is concluding with the first slipstream release of DE8.5 scheduled for December 2015.

Build today: 1995 so we should end around 2025 for the slipstream of 8.5 

Masses of new functionality as expanded and finalization of ExecDQLClass(), SetClass(), MemoClass(), Get)(), Remote() etc.

Published: 24/11/15 - 11:04:27 (Amanda Higgins)

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Please, tell us the difference between 6.52 and 8.5...