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DataEase for DOS DQL Manual

With the "Re-Launch" of DataEase for DOS through LegEasy4DOS the need for a refresher in old syntaxe for commands and functions has returned with a vengeance.

Almost everybody has been able to keep track of their old applications but not as many has been able to keep hold of the manuals etc.

DataEase for DOS is so old that the manuals has never existed in electronic form.

But as part of our LegEasy program we have now dug up and old set and you can buy the DQL Manual in our WebShop for download.

A small preview of what you can expect is to be found under

Published: 30/07/17 - 16:05:44 (Amanda Higgins)

Last changed: 01/11/19 - 11:21:36 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn)

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DataEase for DOS DQL Manual