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01.11.19 Dataease 9 Developer Beta Update

Dear Dataease friends.

We have now been working on DE9 for close on 5 years with full focus on it for 2.5 which is the time since we stopped development on 8.

It is the most exciting development in Dataease so far and it will be the product that make or break us ;-)

The version we had hoped to release yesterday - 31.10.19 - is only a small step on the way but as first steps is important we want it to be one that inspire and invigorate our user base. It is no secret that there has been too many disappointment with the release of "Best Dataease ever" for it to be a buggy and under performing recap of the previous version.

DE9 is NOT this and we want you to see this from the first day which is why we have decided to delay this beta release a further way.

You might say that it is "only a beta" but we all know that first impressions is everything.

The version we will not let you see and try from next Friday will be the beginning of an approximately 3 months beta run before the first full release of DE9 which is only the first member of a rapidly growing family of development and support product that will insure that the DE9 experience will be a productive and inspiring one.

Lincoln, 01 November 2019

Published: 01/11/19 - 11:24:44 (Amanda Higgins)

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