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How to edit RDRR file to connect lost files.

All of you will at some stage get the problem when you change a form/table that it crash and the file is "lost". 

it is never lost.

The data is still there in a Temp Form XXX table. The problem is that the change crashed in the mi...

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"System error: Relationship limit 255 exceeded. " - Understanding Relationships in DataEase

In regular intervals we get support request in regards to this message and what you can do to increase the limit to OPEN relationships in DataEase.

If you are "lucky" you get this problem wi...

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DE85- 100% control of the USER!

Download Sample

We got a request on the form about how to use Modal and switch between f...

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DE8.5 - How to make generalised Language Version with ExecDQL and GetCurrent() etc.

Download Sample

How to create language versions of documents has been discussed before.

How to acheive t...

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How to print a barcode via HTML


In Principle you can use the same font in HTML.

Just need to set it on the tag.


Written by DataEase 06/04/20 at 15:17:00 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Beta 33% 09.11.19 - A Dataease version fully built in - Dataease

The time has come and today we let the cat out of the bag - for the first time we let anyone outside our closet partner network see and play with DE9.

We call it Beta 33% but don't make that put you off. It is a fully working replacement for DE8.5 which was the first milestone we wanted to reach before we let it out.

However it is much more than that which you will quickly find out. The reason we call in 33% is because it is at this stage only 33% of our ambition for DE9.

So within these 33% you find all the functionality from DE up to and including 8.5 final with over a 100% new functionality partly revealed today and to be revealed and evenly spaced out increments over the next 3 months.

100% DataEase

LegEasy4DOS Professional is a "pioneer" that showcase the future of DataEase.

No! The future is not retro, and the bit about it that is pioneering is not the fact that you can fun DataEase for DOS applications.

That feature is basically just how it should always have been and a catch-up with our history.

Take a closer look - The entire product is made IN DataEase following up on a "slogan" we had when we sat out to refurbish DataEase.

DataEase need to be made in DataEase!

LegEasy4DOS - How it works?

The interest in LegEasy4DOS has been "overwhelming" since we released it at the end of last week.

A lot of eagerly awaiting Professional clients jumped at it and the feedback was not late to come.

Most of you are overjoyed and excited by this opportunity to run DataEase for DOS in a modern environment, and more than happy to scrap your old XP computers and Novell servers that has kept you up at night with worry - when will it draw its last breath and what will I do then?

However not all feedback is good and some of you have been "disappointed" too.

Some of this disappointment is down to us having problem with our server park after the release due to an unexpected heavy load - don't they always say that - but some of you have been running bench mark tests and compared it to "Native" DfD on Native XP, WIndows 7 x32 etc. and the results has baffled you.

Why is it sometimes much slower and then sometimes much faster than the comparison?

In the article below we will try to explain this and how LegEasy4DOS is designed and how it works.

LegEasy4DOS Professional Release 05.08.16

The response to our Personal version of L4D has been fantastic and it has given us great motivation in the work leading up to the release of our long awaited Professional version of L4D.

We won't spend too much time extrapolating its virtues here but limit ourselves to announcing it's release and showcase its beauty ;-)

Further down the article you will find the FREE FOR ALL Trial Key you can use to get the first "spin" in this brand new interpretation of DataEase (for DOS).

New Support Manager and new Support Products introduced

For a long time we have been focusing on improving our software products, but we have now entered a new phase where we will focus more and more on the entire customer experience.

One issue that has been raised more often than others is the lack of a dedicated support service so this is one of the areas were we will now focus.

Last month we hired Fatma Adel as our new Support Manager. She has now had some time to settle in and are more than eager to start helping you resolve your issues.

LegEasy 4DOS - Update!

We are and should be very happy when an upcoming release of a DataEase product cause this much of a stir, but it is also a sobering moment.

We obviously still have some catching up to do with our new products before they reach the same popularity as the early versions of DataEase.

Luckily the "re-launch" of DataEase for DOS is part of our DataEase infrastructure strategy so you will now be able to run your legacy apps well into this century when at the same time integrate them with the latest DataEase technology.

Locking Strategies for dummies!

Ever wondered why you have so much trouble with inconsistency and being locked out of your DataEase database? If the answer is YES, read one and discover how you can easily remedy it.

Full, Basic, Opportunistic - What does this really mean? We get a lot of questions about which locking to choose in DataEase, and the answers we have give - are giving, have changed over the years. I guess that if this was a simple as it "should be", there wouldn't even be three options in DataEase, and we wouldn't leave this is in your hands.

I have spent quite a lot of times over the years debating and exploring this myself, and the problem is that it is more of a philosophical problem, than a technical one. Pictures this as going into a Chinese restaurant and ordering. You get a many with 500 items, and you are vaguely familiar with 3 of them, so what do you do. Choose what you know, or go for the set menu...

[{8}]five Release and Release program.


DataEase {[8}]five went into production today and from now on it will be all about 8.5 and beyond.

We have now concluded the longest Beta program in DataEase history - 427 days or over 1 year and 2 months.

So why so little fanfare on this watershed day?

Warning! Price increase on DataEase 8 from January 1st

We are changing how we license DataEase from Januar 1st 2016.

In short we will stop dividing licenses (and executables) in Developer (Full) and GROUP (Runtime) and introduce a simple User License and one executable that will be either a development environment or a Application Launcher based on the users privileges.

The change might seem dramatic at first, but you will get much more functionality and flexibility.

This is just an early warning to those of you that plan to buy DataEase 8 in the near future, more information on the change in product and licensing strategy will follow.

Dynamic Design - A New paradigm in DataEase development

ExecDQLClass(), CreateTable(), AddColumn()* signify a complete breach with previous DataEase thinking.

From its infancy in the early 80ies and throughout its life until DE8 there was a clear divide in DataEase between Design and Runtime. (At least in the head of the designers, but the fact that most people used it interactively and added and changed to it in real time was not taken into account)

Tables, Scripts, Forms, Reports was froozen in runtime and there was few if any way you could make your application dynamic.

How this has changed in 8....

How to create CDFs for use in DE8/DG3

This is how you create your own CDFs using Visual Studio 2013. I selected to use this version because any one can get a full version for free as long as you register with MicroSoft. You should be able to recreate this in any version of Visual Studio in almost the same way as described here. Not much has changed in creating Windows DLLs in the last 20 years. You probably can do the same using other compilers as MinWin GCC and Embarcadero, but that is outside the scope of this document.

Migrating from DFW 5.x and 6.x to DE8.5 including National Versions

If you want to encompass DataEase problems in one word it must be Migration. It is fascinating that a company that has had so little success with this concept, has sworn to it for such a long time.

It is a badly hidden secret that DataEase lost most of it users in the flawed and bodged migration of DFD application to early DFW, what is maybe not so well know is all the other "unsuccessful" migration events.

In this article we will explain what/why and how it went wrong and what you can do to work around it.

We reached our 1.000.000 visitor today 23rd of February 2015

At the beginning of the year we had estimated that we would get our 1.000.000 visitor at the 6th June this year, but with the Beta of 8.5 and the great feedback we have seen both visits on our website and sales sky-rocket and we reached the 1.000.000 threshold more than a Quarter ahead of schedule!

We just have to thank you all for your patience with us, and for your contributions and support throughout the last couple of years since we took charge.

We both hope and feel that our efforts and enthusiasm for DataEase has been well received and are reciprocated by you all!

A wholehearted thank you to your all from "The DataEase Team".

NEW! Functions in DataEase 8.0 to 8.5 (Page 1)

Some of you might be aware of it but it seems a lot isn't so it might be time to advertise a little the vast number of new functions and functionalities that has been added to DataEase 8.0 through 8.5.

For a long time the only way new functions found their way to DataEase was through active and ingenious users which developed CDF's. As much as the CDF's alleviated the obvious short-comings in DataEase 5.x to 7.2 it was cumbersome, undocumented and "secretive" i.e. not everyone was in the know.

With 8.x we decided that the focus needed to be on moving DataEase forward, rather than the constant dance around the "bug fixing" fire.

Have a look and a try for yourself.

Due to the number of new functions we had to publish the short description in two articles, of which this is the last.

Also have a look on the blog synopsis found in the list to the right.

Start your own thread!

06/10/20 17:05:28

Re:Re:Version 8.6

MemoReadFromFile will hopefully suffice - It does work currently but I was hoping to be able to utilise the 4GB promised in ReadFromFile to be on the safe side.


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: Peter Birney

06/10/20 15:49:27

Re:Version 8.6

Hi Peter.

The function MemoReadFromFile() will do the same thing. 

in 8.x there is a separation between text fields and Memo fields which is why there is a double set of functions i.e. MemoReadFromFile() and ReadFromFile().

This is due to an old limitation that has been there forever.

Pre 8.0 you could not manipulate Memo fields which is why we set out to create a number of Memo functions to make this big storage class more more useful. 

Between 8.5 and 8.6 we started a lot of structural changes amongst them the removal off this limitation.

8.6 however landed somewhat in limbo as we had broken a big barrier but only partially so we decided to scrap 8.6 and concentrate on DE9.

In DE9 there is no longer any difference between Memo and Text fields. All Text functions support up to 4gb so you can for instance do 
Firstc(MyMemo,200000) and get the 200.000 first characters in a memo. You can also do concat(memo1,memo2,memo3,text,date,memo5 etc).

another new thing is 
Define "myMemovar" memo . -- in DQL.

The reason DE9 has taken longer than many have wanted is that we don't need another DFW but a new DataEase that fulfill all the expectations to a DataEase in 2021.

In 8.0-8.5 DataEase moved further ahead then from DFD to DE7.2 and from 8.5 to DE9 this has more than doubled again and we are not even finished.

We are sorry that this take time but DE9 is a new DataEase and not simply an step up from DE8.


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: DataEase

06/10/20 15:03:48

Version 8.6

Has any date been set for the release of V8.6 or has it been sidelined to get V9 out?

The reason that I ask is that I need to use ReadFromFile - It is frustrating to see that something exists that matches my requirements but is only available in the next release which has been paused/delayed/sidelined, apparently for some time.


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: Peter Birney

22/09/20 12:25:08

Re:Problem with rounding of decimals correctly 95.0045673 returns 94.01

You got it right and from invstigating the code this has been fixed (and broken) a number of times.

The problem is really only there if the 4th decimal is larger than 4, but if it is the entire thing goes haywire. The reason for this is that it was fixed for Money at some stage (2 decimals) and nobody thought about what happens if there is more. 

Anyway fix was very "bad" so now we have done proper fix.

But as the fix is only there in a not yet released (as of the day this is written) version of DE9 the fix for now is a workaround.

The workaroud is quite straight forward (I have provided two).


Another ?mistake? in DE is to allow localized decimal separators so if used in England etc. you must check for . rather than , but otherwise it should be the same

What I do is cut out all of the number to , and then I cut out 3 digits of decimal and concat it back up. Then you can round it off.

Another way to do it is:


The reason I would use the former is that if you use the latter you can theoretically run out of digits.

DataEase support 14 digits so in a float you can have 7,7 , 14,0 , 0,14 and any variation between. Same goes for fixed. If you have 7 decimals you can only have 7 digits etc.

So theoretically if you calculate on billions with 7 decimals you might have a problem.

You choose, the latter if of course the most elegant, while the former look much more impressing to an untrained eye ;-)

PS! Problem fixed in 22-09-2020


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: DataEase

22/09/20 10:13:20

Problem with rounding of decimals correctly 95.0045673 returns 94.01

We now have a numberfield( total 12 digits, from which 6 decimals) with the the value 95,004873. Besides this field we have a field with 12 digits and 2 decimals and holds the value 95,01 . If you look at the way of rounding it, it makes no sense.

Can you tel me how dataease is doing this, may be I then can understand these idiot things. It looks like it’s rounding the figures from right to left.

So the 3 from this example doesn’t influence it. The 7 rounds the 8 to 9. The 9 rounds to a 5 and than we have the 95,01. But that is not correct ?

Help me please !!!!


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: Henk Spierings

10/09/20 13:11:27

Re:Table file WORKCAAG.DBA not found - 1

Hi Brent.

The data is still there in a Temp Form XXX table. The problem is that the change crashed in the middle of changing the table.
The way this happens is:
1. The existing table is changed to Temp Form XXX
2. The new table is created with the changes and named the original name.
3. The data is transferred from the old table to the new table.
4. The old table named Temp Form XXX is deleted.

Your problem is that it crashed in 2 so in RDRR the table is the one that could not be created and hence its missing the file.

For most users this is a classic go back to last Backup situation.

If you don’t have a recent backup you need to manually edit the RDRRxAAA.RDR (or DBM if the application is older than 8.5).

1. Take a copy of the application before you start.And make sure nobody use the application when you edit the RDRR file.

2. Download/find hexedit.
You can use the online version of hexedit found here:

Each table will have a record in the RDRR file. So to fix your problem you simply change the filename on the entry which is now missing it.

3. Search of the Temp Form that has the definition and data. In this sample that is Temp Form 84.

When you search for it make sure it is marked with 0E, three positions in front of the table name. 0E means it is active and 0F means it is deleted.

Copy out the Filename and mark the entry 0F (this will remove it from the table list). You can also simply delete it in the Catalog after you have successfully completed the fix.
4. Search for theTable Name that is missing its definition. Let say this is Barcode (in this example).

Again check if it say 0E in front of the table name. You might have many entries for the same table so make sure you use the one with 0E in front of the name.

As you see from our example the difference in filename is simply one letter so we edit thsi and save the RDRR file. 

Now you can see that the correct file is mapped to the correct entry in RDRR and you can open your application and everything should be fine.


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: DataEase

10/09/20 13:09:39

Table file WORKCAAG.DBA not found - 1

Hi Just was changing some information on a table file with a few more field, when the program hung. When I went back in the system now says "Table file WORKCAAG.DBA not found - 1" is there a way to sort the problem as i am unable to access any records for my business. 

Regards Brent 


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by:

10/09/20 12:54:25

Re:moving de8 to another computer

You can simply log in to your account online and block the machines you no longer want to use.

You can run DE85 on one machine at the time. 


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: DataEase

10/09/20 12:48:43

Re:Re:Re:de8 running user defined procedures

Is this a copy of the application that doesn't work on your system after it failed or from before it failed.

I would suggest that you reverse the process and copy the files from your laptop onto your system and sees if it works then. The corruption is like crashing a car, the damage is only there after the crash.


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: DataEase

09/09/20 22:55:24

Re:Re:de8 running user defined procedures

We are using the Data files on my laptop and it works fine.


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: Roy Rudd

09/09/20 16:40:38

moving de8 to another computer

I am having trouble running user procedures. I downloaded 8.5 to the existing computer and still will not run. We bought a new computer and downloaded 8.5 again. The program runs now as it should, but i have exceeded the license installs. how do I recover the install on the old computer? thanks


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: Roy Rudd

09/09/20 09:35:08

Re:de8 running user defined procedures

Hi. There is no systemic failure that prevent you from running user defined procedures. If it hangs or GPF it is most likely a corruption in your DATA.

It is impossible to diagnose or help with a general request like this and one will only get general replies.

A problem need to be specific and well explained so other users can replicate the problem or even better with a sample to explain the problem you have.


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: DataEase

09/09/20 03:43:16

de8 running user defined procedures

Cannot run user defined procedures. DE8 locks up and has to be shut down with ctrl-alt-del.



Written by: Roy Rudd

08/09/20 08:40:33

Re:Re:Cannot open Users in 4.53...

john kieffer


Product: LegEasy DOS

Written by: Ihor Zakharchenko

08/09/20 08:35:20

Re:Re:Re:4.53 runs under win-7 dos, but NOT under freedos. userform.dbs error

Written by DataEase 01/11/16 at 07:16:08

[quote] Search and you will find.

The problem is the timestamp on the file.

It need to be 3.14 but when the daylight saving happens it goes to 2.14 or 4.14 respectively.

The problem now has escalated though as Microsoft has decided that a file that is unzipped is now created when it is unzipped so if you run a modern version of Windows this method might not work.

However running DFD you most likely run XP etc and then it would work.

Again it might be a problem if you run an italian version of 4.53 as the file will then be called userform.ita or something like that. If you rename the userform.dbs that is unzipped here it might change the timestamp. You just have to try and see.

There is also plenty for freeware timestamp utilities out there that might do the trick.[/quote]


Product: Not product specific.

Written by: Ihor Zakharchenko

08/09/20 03:27:16

Re:Re:4.53 runs under win-7 dos, but NOT under freedos. userform.dbs error

thanks, but this does not open?


Product: Not product specific.

Written by: john kieffer

08/09/20 01:38:33

Re:4.53 runs under win-7 dos, but NOT under freedos. userform.dbs error


Product: Not product specific.

Written by: Ihor Zakharchenko

07/09/20 17:21:24

4.53 runs under win-7 dos, but NOT under freedos. userform.dbs error

2 different computers, identical files, copied from win-7 files. please help, thank you.


Product: LegEasy DOS

Written by: john kieffer

07/09/20 17:05:50

4.53 runs under win-7 dos, but NOT under freedos. userform.dbs error

2 different computers, identical files, copied from win-7 files. please help, thank you.


Product: Not product specific.

Written by: john kieffer

21/08/20 17:34:05

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Active Doc - several forms open at same time

Sorry, fixed.


Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Written by: DataEase

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