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LegEasy4DOS - Printing Explained

Printing successfully from LegEasy4DOS is normally straightforward but as there is a number of you that struggle with parts of it we will explain how it works and what to avoid.

Printing from L...

Written by DataEase 25/03/19 at 12:11:36 LegEasy DOS

New Sample - How to use Timer(Event) to schedule exiting DataEase

Download Sample!

Here we will show how you can use the new Timer(Event) to take down DataEase autom...

Written by DataEase 07/03/19 at 12:11:48 - 1 people have commented. The newsest comment is 192 days old. Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Problems after updating to 1.4 of L4D

First our apologies for those of you that have had problems after updating to 1.4

We went very far in insuring that all previous versions of L4D should run trouble f...

Written by DataEase 07/02/19 at 15:32:20 LegEasy DOS

How indexing can kill your app or make it snappy.

it is a common misunderstand that indexes make things faster. This is a truth with some major reservations.

Indexes are a necessity for speedy operation  but is...

Written by DataEase 04/02/19 at 12:29:38 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

LegEasy4DOS 1.4 and Printing PCL5 and Landscape.

One of the news in the MLU update to LegEasy4DOS 1 - 1.4 - is that it now also support PCL5 (HP LaserJet) native.

You have always been able to use RAW mode to pri...

Written by DataEase 26/01/19 at 21:39:58 LegEasy DOS

100% DataEase

LegEasy4DOS Professional is a "pioneer" that showcase the future of DataEase.

No! The future is not retro, and the bit about it that is pioneering is not the fact that you can fun DataEase for DOS applications.

That feature is basically just how it should always have been and a catch-up with our history.

Take a closer look - The entire product is made IN DataEase following up on a "slogan" we had when we sat out to refurbish DataEase.

DataEase need to be made in DataEase!

LegEasy4DOS - How it works?

The interest in LegEasy4DOS has been "overwhelming" since we released it at the end of last week.

A lot of eagerly awaiting Professional clients jumped at it and the feedback was not late to come.

Most of you are overjoyed and excited by this opportunity to run DataEase for DOS in a modern environment, and more than happy to scrap your old XP computers and Novell servers that has kept you up at night with worry - when will it draw its last breath and what will I do then?

However not all feedback is good and some of you have been "disappointed" too.

Some of this disappointment is down to us having problem with our server park after the release due to an unexpected heavy load - don't they always say that - but some of you have been running bench mark tests and compared it to "Native" DfD on Native XP, WIndows 7 x32 etc. and the results has baffled you.

Why is it sometimes much slower and then sometimes much faster than the comparison?

In the article below we will try to explain this and how LegEasy4DOS is designed and how it works.

LegEasy4DOS Professional Release 05.08.16

The response to our Personal version of L4D has been fantastic and it has given us great motivation in the work leading up to the release of our long awaited Professional version of L4D.

We won't spend too much time extrapolating its virtues here but limit ourselves to announcing it's release and showcase its beauty ;-)

Further down the article you will find the FREE FOR ALL Trial Key you can use to get the first "spin" in this brand new interpretation of DataEase (for DOS).

New Support Manager and new Support Products introduced

For a long time we have been focusing on improving our software products, but we have now entered a new phase where we will focus more and more on the entire customer experience.

One issue that has been raised more often than others is the lack of a dedicated support service so this is one of the areas were we will now focus.

Last month we hired Fatma Adel as our new Support Manager. She has now had some time to settle in and are more than eager to start helping you resolve your issues.

LegEasy 4DOS - Update!

We are and should be very happy when an upcoming release of a DataEase product cause this much of a stir, but it is also a sobering moment.

We obviously still have some catching up to do with our new products before they reach the same popularity as the early versions of DataEase.

Luckily the "re-launch" of DataEase for DOS is part of our DataEase infrastructure strategy so you will now be able to run your legacy apps well into this century when at the same time integrate them with the latest DataEase technology.

Locking Strategies for dummies!

Ever wondered why you have so much trouble with inconsistency and being locked out of your DataEase database? If the answer is YES, read one and discover how you can easily remedy it.

Full, Basic, Opportunistic - What does this really mean? We get a lot of questions about which locking to choose in DataEase, and the answers we have give - are giving, have changed over the years. I guess that if this was a simple as it "should be", there wouldn't even be three options in DataEase, and we wouldn't leave this is in your hands.

I have spent quite a lot of times over the years debating and exploring this myself, and the problem is that it is more of a philosophical problem, than a technical one. Pictures this as going into a Chinese restaurant and ordering. You get a many with 500 items, and you are vaguely familiar with 3 of them, so what do you do. Choose what you know, or go for the set menu...

[{8}]five Release and Release program.


DataEase {[8}]five went into production today and from now on it will be all about 8.5 and beyond.

We have now concluded the longest Beta program in DataEase history - 427 days or over 1 year and 2 months.

So why so little fanfare on this watershed day?

Warning! Price increase on DataEase 8 from January 1st

We are changing how we license DataEase from Januar 1st 2016.

In short we will stop dividing licenses (and executables) in Developer (Full) and GROUP (Runtime) and introduce a simple User License and one executable that will be either a development environment or a Application Launcher based on the users privileges.

The change might seem dramatic at first, but you will get much more functionality and flexibility.

This is just an early warning to those of you that plan to buy DataEase 8 in the near future, more information on the change in product and licensing strategy will follow.

Dynamic Design - A New paradigm in DataEase development

ExecDQLClass(), CreateTable(), AddColumn()* signify a complete breach with previous DataEase thinking.

From its infancy in the early 80ies and throughout its life until DE8 there was a clear divide in DataEase between Design and Runtime. (At least in the head of the designers, but the fact that most people used it interactively and added and changed to it in real time was not taken into account)

Tables, Scripts, Forms, Reports was froozen in runtime and there was few if any way you could make your application dynamic.

How this has changed in 8....

How to create CDFs for use in DE8/DG3

This is how you create your own CDFs using Visual Studio 2013. I selected to use this version because any one can get a full version for free as long as you register with MicroSoft. You should be able to recreate this in any version of Visual Studio in almost the same way as described here. Not much has changed in creating Windows DLLs in the last 20 years. You probably can do the same using other compilers as MinWin GCC and Embarcadero, but that is outside the scope of this document.

Migrating from DFW 5.x and 6.x to DE8.5 including National Versions

If you want to encompass DataEase problems in one word it must be Migration. It is fascinating that a company that has had so little success with this concept, has sworn to it for such a long time.

It is a badly hidden secret that DataEase lost most of it users in the flawed and bodged migration of DFD application to early DFW, what is maybe not so well know is all the other "unsuccessful" migration events.

In this article we will explain what/why and how it went wrong and what you can do to work around it.

We reached our 1.000.000 visitor today 23rd of February 2015

At the beginning of the year we had estimated that we would get our 1.000.000 visitor at the 6th June this year, but with the Beta of 8.5 and the great feedback we have seen both visits on our website and sales sky-rocket and we reached the 1.000.000 threshold more than a Quarter ahead of schedule!

We just have to thank you all for your patience with us, and for your contributions and support throughout the last couple of years since we took charge.

We both hope and feel that our efforts and enthusiasm for DataEase has been well received and are reciprocated by you all!

A wholehearted thank you to your all from "The DataEase Team".

NEW! Functions in DataEase 8.0 to 8.5 (Page 1)

Some of you might be aware of it but it seems a lot isn't so it might be time to advertise a little the vast number of new functions and functionalities that has been added to DataEase 8.0 through 8.5.

For a long time the only way new functions found their way to DataEase was through active and ingenious users which developed CDF's. As much as the CDF's alleviated the obvious short-comings in DataEase 5.x to 7.2 it was cumbersome, undocumented and "secretive" i.e. not everyone was in the know.

With 8.x we decided that the focus needed to be on moving DataEase forward, rather than the constant dance around the "bug fixing" fire.

Have a look and a try for yourself.

Due to the number of new functions we had to publish the short description in two articles, of which this is the last.

Also have a look on the blog synopsis found in the list to the right.

NEW! ?Functions in DataEase 8.0 to 8.5 (Page 2)

Some of you might be aware of it but it seems a lot isn't so it might be time to advertise a little the vast number of new functions and functionalities that has been added to DataEase 8.0 through 8.5.

For a long time the only way new functions found their way to DataEase was through active and ingenious users which developed CDF's. As much as the CDF's alleviated the obvious short-comings in DataEase 5.x to 7.2 it was cumbersome, undocumented and "secretive" i.e. not everyone was in the know.

With 8.x we decided that the focus needed to be on moving DataEase forward, rather than the constant dance around the "bug fixing" fire.

Have a look and a try for yourself.

Due to the number of new functions we had to publish the short description in two articles, of which this is the first.

Also have a look on the blog synopsis found in the list to the right.

DataEase 8.5 - What is new! (Page 1) - Roughly 8.1

This is the first page of 3 where we recapitulate the Blog entries made by our development team through the development from pre 8.0 to 8.5.

We have edited and updated the entries, but the appear in the order they were made and with the ideas, experiences and functionality up to then.

They are listed from oldest to newest and will give you a deep insight into DE85, the thinking, the job and last but need the vast improvement of DataEase.

DataEase 8.5 - What is new! (Page 2) - Roughly 8.2

This is the Second page of 3 where we recapitulate the Blog entries made by our development team through the development from pre 8.0 to 8.5.

We have edited and updated the entries, but the appear in the order they were made and with the ideas, experiences and functionality up to then.

They are listed from oldest to newest and will give you a deep insight into DE85, the thinking, the job and last but need the vast improvement of DataEase.

DataEase 8.5 - What is new! (Page 3) - Roughly 8.5

This is the third page of 3 where we recapitulate the Blog entries made by our development team through the development from pre 8.0 to 8.5.

We have edited and updated the entries, but the appear in the order they were made and with the ideas, experiences and functionality up to then.

They are listed from oldest to newest and will give you a deep insight into DE85, the thinking, the job and last but need the vast improvement of DataEase.

DataEase 8.5 - BETA 1 - Preview

When we do big structural changes to the product, we prefer to run it through a short Beta program before we release the improvements.

This is still an early Beta of 8.5 but as there is some really significant updates/changes we would like to get it out there as soon as possible to get feedback on the improvements.

New Feature! Emailing and PDF from DE8.2

We have had emailing and PDF generation in DataEase 8 for quite a while but the library we used for emailing didn't support TLS so it could only use a limited number of SMTP servers. We have also shown how you can generate PDF to a named file, but the solution wasn't very elegant and the documentation was rather lacking.

We have know made a small Email and PDF application that you can download, explore and test and hopefully it will now become part of your DataEase "vocabulary".

You will need minimum DataEase to run this application.

Running DataEase 8.2 on iPad, iPhone and Android (and Mac)

DataEase 8 is leaping forward and more and more of you develop new and exciting applications in it. However there is one limitation that DE8 still have and that is that it is Windows based and to build a DG3 interface is not an opportunity for most of you in the short term.

Some of you have tried viritualisation etc. over the years but due to high license cost, awkward implementation and difficult user interfaces it has never been very popular.

This is about to change with Parallels Access.

How to upgrade from Trial to Full (DE8 Developer)

We have seen a dramatic increase of customers converting from DE8 Trial to Full over the last couple of weeks and we can only interpret that as we are starting to get things right, so Thank YOU! to all of you.

However we see that a lot of you are not sure how to proceed after you get the full license key so please find the instructions below.

How to: Nationalisation of a DataEase 8 application

DataEase used to do special versions language versions up to version 6.x but have since 7.0 only delivered a English version of DataEase with some national files for sorting etc. In 7.2 we did a trial version in German, but we found very little interest for it and have since concentrated again on english.

The interest in DE8 has been great and in 2014 it seems that most developers want to develop in an English version but be able to deliver an application in local languages.

The old "way" caused a lot of trouble since applications didn't travel well as the language specific stuff was translated and integrated in the code.

In this little article with included sample we try to inspire you on how to fix your own "nationalisation".

SetStyle() - One of the forgotten Treasures of 8.x

DataEase 8 is not a Alpha or Beta product it is a full release, but it is in what we call Pre-Release or Developer Release version. This means that it is fully approved and warranted by us, but it is not the final version of this product.

Due to the "neglect" that DataEase had suffered under prior to the change of ownership, it was necessary to both look after current customers need when at the same time developing DataEase into a contemporary product offering.

It was clear from Day one that DataEase 7.x suffered from so many maladies that it was necessary to quickly come up with an improved release version hence the Pre-Release version of DE8.

When deciding the path forward we decided that we would include our users in the development process and make available any new feature in DE8 as soon as it was developed with the understanding and knowledge that it would not be used by the majority. Every bit of new functionality is part of the bigger picture or plan if you like and at the end of the development cycle we will focus on showcasing the entire product as one.

In a way we have simply developed the functionality, tested it (and used it in house) but not always spent much time in promoting or showcasing it. As sensible as this might be as an approach there should at least be a minimum of "marketing" and fanfare for each new function, but some it seems we have completely neglected to almost even mention.

For-most of these are SetStyle() which is an abomination as it might possibly be the most useful function for manipulating and making your applications interactive and attractive.

So better late than never, here it is: SetStyle()

DataEase Information Overload - How come?

After almost 20 years of close to no development, change and progress DataEase is shaking off the cobweb and is accelerating forward.

Over these 20 years it has almost become a shared truth that nothing can or will change in DataEase. it is "As designed".

Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing that couldn't and wouldn't change were the people in charge of it.

Workaround! DataEase.exe - Entry Point Not Found - DEVOBJ.DLL

Over the last couple of weeks we have got some reports with this error message from LegEasy 6 Windows (6.53). The communality between the instances is that it was all on freshly installed Windows computers, but the windows versions ranges from Windows 7 Professional to Windows Server 2012 with Windows 8, 8.1 etc. in between.

As none of our computers, partners computers or even friends computers have this problem it hasn't been easy to pin down.

But this is what we know so far: It is has to do with a security update Microsoft has been distributing over the last couple of weeks and the problem is related to Domain/Active Directory.

How to get started in DE8 when you have already mastered DataEase for DOS.

The best thing you can do when developing in DFW and especially in DE8 is to forget about DFD. The skill and understanding you have acquired over many years of DFD use is of course invaluable when it comes to learning, understanding and using DE8 but if you think it is DFD you will constantly be disappointed.

It simply isn't.

The Wizzardry of Installing DataEase 8 Applications on a Windows server.

Running a DataEase application in a network environment, locking strategy, magic switches that release unimagined bliss and happiness. Are they real or is it pure wishful thinking, policy and salesman's s..?

It has been a long honoured breed of DataEase specialist that has made their living from investigating deep obscure switches, buffer setting, .ini files, registry settings in Windows NT, XP, 2003R2, 2008R2, Windows 7,8,9,10... Decoding ZTERMDEF and CONFIG.DAT and then based on all this research offer their hard earned knowledge to the highest bidder.

But don't you ask yourself. If this was all really necessary, why didn't we or Microsoft simply do this as default? More or less just make it work out of the box?

Try to convert apples into pears and you get a sour lemon.

It is a stark reality, and one that we need to take into account every day that DFD users actually DO prefer DFD over any other DataEase version. DFW was never popular with DFD users, which is a main reason why so many DFD users till prefer and use DFD to this day.

The problem with DFW vs. DFD is "muddled" strategies. The team that developed DFW never wanted to be hampered by the limitations of DFD so all compatibility and shared functionality was forced upon them rather than picked voluntarily. It is no secret that the co-existence between DFD and DFW was an uneasy and unhappy "marriage" .

New Richer RichText Editor in DE8

The rich text (HTMLEdit) or WYSIWYG editor was one of the first things we implemented in DE8. Backin DFD dataease was very early with implementing an "editor type" functionality with the long: text fields. They were awkward, but they allowed users to enter a continuous text contained in many separate text fields.

This Long: functionality was automated in DFW and was called Memo and finally in 7.x it was implemented as a "unlimited" sized field.

Only problem was that it had the same edit limitations as any other DataEase field with CTRL-Enter for line change and no formatting whatsover...

Migrating an app from DFD to DE8 - Do or don't and how...

Our goal with DataEase is not to constantly focus on migrating old apps or pestering old customers with new upgrades. Our goal is to make it easy to develop in DataEase again so that new applications is quick and simple to make.

One of the reasons many users want to migrate an app (not the data) is that they find it hard to learn/adapt to the "new" DataEase so they think it is an easy fix to migrate an app that already exist into the latest version.

Oh, how we have proven them wrong over the years ;-)

NoOffice CRM - Working DE8 Showcase Sample

This is the first of the official Samples that will be shipped with DE8 Classic. The fun thing with our new samples, is that we will keep updating the samples as well as the product. This sample will be further enhanced as we progress, but it should be more than enough to catch up with already.

Traditionally the samples has been rather poor, but this too have changed. We want our samples to be useful and inspire. The old "main" sample Club ParaDEASE is well over 20 years old so we thought it was high time to retire it and we promise that you will never see it again!

In this NoOffice CRM sample we showcase almost all the new functionality like ExecDQL(), the entire MemoClass, FileClass, SetClass etc.

We do a lot of "magic" that DataEase have never been able to do before, but don't worry it is not as hard as it looks.

DataEase 8 Classic Developer Released Today 31st July

Update 31st July 2013:14:30 BST
DataEase 8 Classic ver (RC2) became the first full release version of DE8 today at 14:00 BST.
We are speeding ahead towards full release later this months, so our RC1 is now available for download/installation.

The RC1 still miss a lot of the final configurations, like a full complement of samples/templates etc, but it is very close to how the DE8 Classic Developer release will be like.

DE8 Classic will not be a static product, so it will continue to be updated as DE8 native development continues, but everything you have build and will build in it will continue to work the same way, you will only get more ways of doing stuff as well.

We have included one sample in it, and that is the NoOffice CRM sample. Username in usermode is email/email and to access it in Design Mode it is High/High.

Some times small steps, some times big leaps...

Making a contemporary DataEase for Windows is not done in a day, but as the days pass we get closer and closer.

One of the biggest problems with DataEase for Windows has been that the small things have been ignored. The small niggling bits that annoy you every time you find them. The goal with DataEase 8 is not simply to make "just another upgrade", it is to make a DataEase that you will love to work with again.

We will announce a big update/leap forward later today, but for now you will have to settle for a small one: Mouse wheel now works as it should to scroll up and down in DataEase forms.

Next MouseWheel step is to make it work like this inside Memo/WebField too.

Available in DataEase 8 from build 18/03/2013

LegEasy 6 Windows in Spanish, the first step towards localised versions.

We are proud to announce that LegEasy 6 Windows in Spanish is released today. It is a small and silent release, but one that will be the start of a new version for language versions in DataEase.

Up to and including the first Windows version DataEase was to be found in a number of languages ranging from French, Dutch, German, Norwegian to Farsi and even one in simplified Chinese.

When DFW struggled in the market the product got narrower and narrower until it ended up being published only in English.

"Outversioned" - The #1 bug in DataEase 8.

Over the last couple of months we have acquired a "funny" bug in DataEase 8 and we have named it "outversioned".

We know that contacting us is a matter of last resort for most of our hardy DataEase developers, but some times when they have looked on the DQL or the derivation till they go half blind they concede defeat and send us a line.

"I can't get my head around this StringFrom() function... I am sure I am doing it right but it won't accept it!"

Our first question now is: "What version are you on sir?"

DataEase 8 GROUP and GROUP+1 are here!

DataEase is undergoing a complete transition from a lonely "wolf" to a team player. For a very long time, only one version of DataEase has been available - the full developer version. This has now changed!

You will see that DataEase will separate clearer and clearer between development tools and runtime/deployment tools.

We obviously need to start at the beginning, so our focus over the last 18 months (The DataEase for Windows team) has been on enhancing and moving the DFW development platform forward. We are beginning to see the end of the current stage of that, so we are now branching out into support/runtime/deployment/maintenance and data transport.

Thinking Global acting Local...

This is the map over sales so far this year and it has been a very hectic year so far indeed. But what does it tell us? It tells us that DataEase is still a global brand with a global responsibility, but it also tell us that the strongest markets at the moment is the same as it has been for the last 20 years. UK, US and Norway.

UK and US make sense, but what about Norway? The US is where DataEase was born and UK was where it now resides, but again - Norway? One word or rather a name: WestSoft. They did a fantastic job in Norway and in the 80ies and early 90ies, DataEase had a market share of over 60% in Norway!

The Story behind....

All the fuss at the moment is about DataEase 8 and that is as it should be as we gear up towards the release. But I can't help thinking that a lot of what is going to make DataEase 8 a great product, and the DataEase 8 product range the most productive DataEase range since DFD is down to it's younger brother - DataEase Generation 3.

We have kept silent about DG3 because we wanted to finish it in peace but it is now time to start showing and talking a little more about the truly new member of the DataEase family.

Impressionism, expressionism or conservatism?

We have obviously spend a lot of time disecting both DFD and DFW over the last years when we worked on DG3 and DataEase 8. Our "balanced" view is that DFD is not as good as people like to believe (especially not in 2012 ;-) and that DFW is not as bad as people want to believe. The challenge is that the good bits in DFD outshine the bad bits when the bad bits in DFW overshadow the good to brilliant bits.

The biggest problem for DFW is that it is really bad at what DFD is really good at - exporting and printing (predictably), blinking and flickering, unmanageable and confusing windows/forms handling, a hopeless, a "dum" DQL editor with matching body/printing and on top of all this it has been burdened with a lot of stupid bugs.

DataEase 8 PRE I - Preview

The development up to and including PRE II focused on functionality and more than 40 new functions and a lot of new functionality has been added. We are still adding some more functions, but we are getting close to being satisfied with what DataEase 8 Developer now is capable of doing, so the focus will now move on to other pressing matters.

The main focus on DataEase 8 Pre-Release I is to improve the user interface. The presentation in DFW has been very dated as it should/would when the technology is from the early 90ies. For some reason the transition from 6.x to 7.x also made the flickering and re-drawing of forms/tool bars/menus etc. even worse.

A lot of the brilliant functionality of DataEase for Windows have gotten lost in bad presentation and quality control. In DataEase 8 both quality and presentation (as well as functionality) will improve dramatically.

DataEase is NOT on Hold, it is not even resting....

There has been a  lot of aggravation and mistrust directed towards DataEase from its user base over the last years and to be honest it is deserved. After 20 years of promises that was almost  never delivered it will take hard work to get people to trust in what we say!

But don't forget one thing, this is not the same company and we are not the same people.

My team and I was not around for those 20 years, we were actually on the outside throwing Molotov Cocktails in through the windows. We could never understand why DataEase couldn't see what everyone else that used or had used DataEase saw and simply fix/add it.

Obviously they never could and never did, but now we do!

Pure 8 - or DataEase Por.. as we call it around here.

As you might have guessed. DataEase 8 is not an "upgrade", it is a completely new version of DataEase for Windows.

It was time this product shook off it's parent issues and stood firmly on its own too feet. For way too long has migration/conversion/compatibility etc. been the only item on the menu.

No more!

We are sorry that so many people had a bad experience when trying to move from DFD to DFW, but it wasn't all our fault. The early versions was bad, but if one want to move forward one also must handle change. It was a big mistake not to make it easier for DFD users to move forward with DFW, but it was an even bigger mistake to "ruin" DFW by trying to implement DFD inside of it.

We have all learnt from experience that prevarication is the road to disaster, and that is what DataEase have done. It moved away from DFD - mistakenly, and then panicked and tried to move back, but only got half the way.

We have now been stuck in the past too long. We are working with a solution to finally help the DFD users onwards, but DataEase 8 is not it!

DataEase 8 is to move DFW user forward, and to capture new users with the DataEase "magic". Don't laugh, we mean it ;-)

LegEasy 6 Windows - Spoilt for choice?

Our way or no way! That is how it used to be around here. We took our time in updating and changing the product, and when it was published, that was more or less it. If you liked it - fine, if you didn't - What are you going to do about it?

Our primary goal is to make money, and to make money we need happy customers. You pay us, and we deliver what you want. Sometimes we need to behave like parents, and give you what we believe you need, rather than what you ask for and hope that we got it right, and that you will realise that we were right when you got to see and test it.

For a long time DataEase did very little listening, and when we did we listened to the wrong people. As it turns out, it is not always the ones that cry the loudest that are right.

When we made LegEasy 6 Windows, is was because we realised that we hadn't listened, and that people really struggled with migrating/upgrading from 6.x to 7.x. We realised that it is not good enough to simply say "upgrade or die" or "My way or the high way!", we needed to start looking after our customers and offer them a proper route forward.

DataEase 8 Product Strategy Explained

We will soon start presenting the new products in more detail, but as part of the run up to DataEase 8 launch, we would like to explain a little of what we have been up to, what we are thinking of the future and how DataEase will be in the future.

It is not a big secret that DataEase has struggled with moving ahead and keeping up with time. This is now about to change big time and we believe and hope that DataEase will soon be back where we think it belongs.

We have spent vast resources in trying to understand what is right and what is wrong in DataEase and we think that our work now is starting to pay off.

Read on and find out if you think we are on the right way.

DataEase 8 Tittle Tattle

We are now gearing up towards the release of DataEase 8 later this year. As you might have suspected, software release is more of a marketing gambit these days, than a technical milestone. DataEase 8 has been released to the closed developer circle for quite some time, and even though it is still being updated towards it's proper release, it is already in production on several systems.

The reason we have kept a low profile on DataEase 8, is not that we try to hide it, it is more that we want it to become a pleasant surprise to the user base, after some sour lemons. DataEase development had become stagnant, and we don't blame you for taking whatever we say with a "pinch of salt".

We have just published a new "Product Blog" on here, where we will informally publish updates and changes to our products, as development progress. We will soon also start publishing all the technical documentation, how to, samples and early trial downloads of 8, so you will be in good hands when it comes to information and help around DataEase 8.

But before all that, we want to spend some time here on DataEase 8 itself, what we think, how it came into being, and where we see it heading.

DataEase and Windows 8

It looks like DataEase 8 and Windows 8 is to be released approximately at the same time. This is a pure coincidence and as you all know, we entered 7 long before Windows ;-). 7 was never a really good number for us, but it turned out to be pretty great for Windows.

After having a thorough look at Windows 8 Release Preview I think that for 8, the fortune might be reversed. After a bumpy ride with DFW 7, we have put a lot of effort into making 8 a joyful and pleasurable ride for our loyal users, but it seems that Microsoft have forgotten the lesson they learnt with Vista, and are in our mind heading for an even greater disaster.

Enough said as we don't want to spoil your fun. Have a look at Windows 8 yourself, and make up your own mind.

You will find it href="http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/release-preview">here />
And you will find a review of it href="http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/windows-8-consumer-preview.html">here

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Wait for Eight! - DataEase 8, not the other one...

We know that a lot of DataEase 6.x users, have tried migrating to DataEase 7.x, and for variable reasons this has not been a success. In the early days (7.0 and 7.1) the problem was that 7.x was still a immature product, and later when things stabilized in 7.2, the problems where related mostly to performance in forms with memo fields.

A lot of you have soldiered on and worked around the problems, but a lot just simply stayed in 6.x and waited. This worked fine until Windows 7, where 6.x was challenged. Our "quick fix" for this is 6.53, and we are happy to say that it have made a lot of 6.x users very happy.

Still, 6.53 is just 6.x, and a lot of you want to move on, and we are happy to announce that in DFW 8 we have are introducing a DFW 6.x compatibility pack. This means that you will be able to migrate a 6.x app to 8.x much better than you could in 7.x

DataEase - Migration and Upgrade Path.

DataEase is currently undergoing a big transition. Since 1995 with the release of DataEase for Windows (5) every version has more or less been an increment of this product. In Version 5 every new version was simply a bug fix. In 6 the news was OML, Webpublisher and Lookupfields. In 7 the news was tabs, Multibox, Memofields and another version of WebPublisher.

What they all had in common, was that they were buggy, and that for the next couple of years every new version was a bug fix on the last. None of the new versions addressed the real issues with DFW, and the frustration in the user base kept growing.

The same way that it was close to "impossible" to migrate from DFD to DFW, the line migrations inside DFW also caused major challenges. Changes to character sets, changes in functionality rather than addition of new and re-structuring caused problems, that made it very costly both in time and money, to move from a previous version of DFW to the next.

With WebPublisher, DataEase showed that we knew that the future was on the web. Rarely have any new DataEase product been awaited with more expectation, and caused more disappointment. It was notoriously difficult to install, and when it was successfully working, it was so slow and offered so limited functionality that it could hardly be viewed as more than a study in futility. The fact that it on top of all this, also was inhibitingly expensive, insured that very few copies was sold and even fewer ever successfully deployed.

But in spite of the above, only one thing was certain, and that was the upgrade path. The instance a new version was released, the only way forward was to move to it or for ever be left behind in the world of no bug fixing, no support and no help.

The current development team at DataEase is all previous users of DataEase, but mostly we are users from the DFD era. "Our" DataEase was one of flexibility, predictability, functionality and robustness. Upgrade from one DFD version to the next, was simply to take a backup, answer yes to migrate, and everything would work as before with just some more functions to play with.

We were all "lost" to DataEase through the DFW era. We tried to get our head around DFW, but we must have been to "dim", because we couldn't. It was just to much of what it was, and to little of what we wanted it to be.

All of the above and a lot of things we have had to learn over the last 5 years since we started the development of DG3, has influenced how we now view versions, migration and upgrade paths.

Windows 2008R2 Server and DataEase LegEasy 6 (6.53)

6.53 has now been out for 3 months, and it has been very few reported problems. No software, old or new will or can be released without some problems being reported. The intentions behind 6.53 was to create a "modern" version of DataEase 6, but without changing, adding or subtracting any functionality. Since the version was created to fix a acute problem - DataEase 6 not working under Windows 7, we didn't want to add any new ones.

The main problem reported in that 6.53 is considered to be suspect by some virus programs, especially Norton/Symantec - it is not, and the other is problems when in conjunction with Windows Server 2008. The problems reported on Windows server 2008 has been that 6.53 does not lock data at all, or that data get corrupted.

The DQL body Layout of Despair

Do you recognise this? If you do, you are not the only one. In 7.5 our focus is on moving DataEase for Windows into the 21st Century, but instead of attacking the core product - that is called DataEase Generation 3 - we try to include new functionality that can help the users that has invested in DataEase for Windows, to move their application forward and take advantage of new functionality.

The basis of the improvements in 7.5 is very much a result of the DataEase Generation 3 project, so it is only natural that HTML is a big part of "how" we improve DFW.

In this article we will try to explain why DQL body is the way it is, and how we are developing a workaround in 7.5

Social Media - Our new way of sharing news!

You might love it, you might hate it, you might be addicted to it. The only thing you cannot do about it, is to ignore it.

In the "new" DataEase we have decided that we will not re-invent the wheel. If it is already there we will simply use it, and this also goes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Do you want to advertise on our site?

The DataEase business have two distinctive sides. One is our business -the tool itself, and one is the Applications that are made it our tool.

Most customers do not want to develop a solution from "scratch", but want to buy either a readymade solution, or something that they can start with and then mould into their own solution as time passes.

Our goal for the "new" DataEase is to make it as an attractive product offering as possible for as customers as well as developers and partners.

Want to become our Partner?

Our new product line has not been released yet but several partners and key people have already been working with DG3 since April 2011. It is no secret that new developments in DataEase for Windows have been a hard sales, but not so when it comes to selling Web frontends to existing DataEase systems.

Memo - from DFD to DG3

There have always been two things that have been especially troublesome in DataEase. Sequence numbers and Memo/Long text fields. The need for a text field longer than 255 presented itself very early on but because of the 8 bit data structure of DataEase, it had to be a "hack".

New chefs, a new menu.....

If you do the same thing for long enough you begin to think that this is how things are done, how they SHOULD be done! The reason animals get old and die is to allow new generations to take over and move the species forward. However this does not mean that the younger generation does not have a responsibility to look after their elders. OK! That is drawing the parallel far enough, but it has relevance in DataEase too.

Afraid of being left behind? Don't be!

DataEase was first launched in the early 80's, and is now in its 4th decade as an independent software company. The marketing machine will tell you that it has been 4 decades of success, but anyone involved knows that there has been great success but also stark disappointment. The height of success was in the early to mid 90's with 3 million installations worldwide and a mid level rating within the 100 largest software companies in the world.

DG3 - An independent child.

DG3 is not an upgrade! It wasn't even created as an upgrade migration path for existing DataEase users.

With DG3 the idea of DataEase has been re-invented. All the DFD versions are just evolutions of the same product. DataEase for Windows is what it is, but a genuine idea and direction is not what you primarily associate with it. In my mind it is a little like a chronic disease, you live with it but would rather be without - this is of course a private view and

An Open product Open Closed Doors.

DG3 is not an open source product but it is an open product. So what is the difference?

DataEase has always been a "closed" product. The only way you could ever influence its behaviour was through CDFs and not many people ever ventured down that path.

LegEasy Windows 6 - or simply 6.53


You get your own way. If you have not migrated to DataEase 7 yet then you no longer need to.

Read on to find out why!

DG3 - the spider in your web.

We have been working with DG3 for over 4 years so it is almost second nature to us and sometimes we forget that to most people this is a completely new offering - a completely new product.

DG3 is not one product, it is a range of products, and our goal is to bridge a lot of gaps that were not bridged before.

DataEase = Evolutionary development

Have you ever questioned the way software came about?

Once upon a time software was developed because of a demand or need. Today software is developed in the same way corporate headquarters are designed. They start with the glamorous glass facades and then reverse engineer it down to elevators, office space and parking. The idea does not stem from a genuine need or idea - it is all about appearance.

We use our own product but don't they all!?

Spying is of course a big part of product development. You cannot commit large amounts of money and resources without finding out what your competition is doing. We call it "research".

When we took over DataEase one of the most peculiar observations we made was that we weren't using DataEase ourselves. Not for bookkeeping, not for invoicing, not for running our website. Even for registering customer surveys we used Excel.

Mouse wheel support in DataEase for Windows.

For some reason Mouse Wheel does not work in Userview in DataEase for Windows. It might not be a big surprise, as the framework and core technology of DFW pre-dates Windows itself.

But, this is something we all have become used to using to scroll up and down pages, and when you try to do this in DFW, you get nothing.

As part of our new "drive" to increase user satisfaction with our LegEasy products, we have looked into this and we have come up with a "quick fix".