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Started by Coulis Repandis
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Help Contents

Can not reach ""

Written by Coulis Repandis 14/03/20 at 23:36:54 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Help Contents

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 18/03/20 at 08:46:04 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Help Contents

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 18/03/20 at 08:50:50 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Help Contents

To DOWNLOAD a printable manual, click below:

Download DataEase for Windows 7.2 Help.pdf (5.83MB)

Download DQL Programmer?s Guide.pdf (6.37MB)

Download Designer?s Guide.pdf (11.4MB)

Download OML Programmer?s Guide.pdf (1.34MB)

DataEase Limited/4ThePeople LTD has never published or been responsible for publishing DataEase 7 and the help files was hosted by Sapphire Group that published DataEase up to and including 7.2.

They have since removed the server with the help files and hence the links haven't worked for close on 10 years.

Written by DataEase 19/03/20 at 14:20:56 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Help Contents

Dear Ihor Zakharchenko. 

Thanks for your help. I'm grateful for that.

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Written by Coulis Repandis 29/03/20 at 05:27:55 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Help Contents

Dear Coulis Repandis,

it is a pleasure

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Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 30/03/20 at 09:54:43 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Re:Help Contents

I am new in DE for windows. I have used DE for DOS 4.53 to develop many applications for my schools. That was over than 20 years back. Now retired at the age of 72  I decided to spend a little time with DE 7.2 which was found in an old HD while I was cleaning it before recycle it.  I have found 2 incomplete applications with DE but I have forgotten my passwords. That is why I have tried to access DE/help files hoping that i will find a way to recall them. Unfortunately I have a lot of reading to do, with the 4 .PDFs you suggest me, with uncertain result !!!.

Written by Coulis Repandis 31/03/20 at 06:35:22 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Help Contents


let's start with observing those Your de 4.523 apps for schools

is it good for You to send the copies of the apps ?

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 31/03/20 at 08:48:40 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Help Contents

Dear Ihor,

I would gladly share any application with you but there are two problems.

1st. The schools I've mentioned were in Greece and they stopped to be operated years ago. I may find something about these applications. I don't know their condition though. 

2nd. The biggest problem is that, due to COVID-19  I have got stuck in Florida USA and I don't know when  I'll go back to Greece.

As soon as I find something I'll let you know. By the way, which e-mail shall I use  for the transmission.?
Thank you again.

Written by Coulis Repandis 07/04/20 at 05:21:54 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Help Contents

It is a pleasure dear friend

also You'll be able to reach me  via DataEase Benelux group 

see the link below

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 07/04/20 at 19:55:08 DataEase for Windows 7.x